OUTRIDERS – Devastator Build Guide

I noticed people commenting that Devastator is weak, i’m here to show you it’s an absolute monster.

Guide to Devastator Build


How it works

Gravity Leap

The way this build works in terms of DMG is applying the despair debuff via gravity leap. When paired with an extra charge from the double jump mod you can stack the debuff for 3x DMG.


Next is applying our bleed for 50% increased DMG from our set bonus gained from the Seismic Commander’s set bonus. Which can be further increased from other bleed mods tier 2 15% increased DMG and tier 3 mod 25% increased DMG to bleeding targets ( don’t have the 25% one yet).


Our final DMG amp for this combination is our Golem ability giving us 45% increased AP via our skill tree.

Heir to the Desert

Next is our weapon which we use to proc our mods Sandstorm and Kinetic Stomp, combined with all the DMG amps these mods can do absurd dmg. Sandstorm dot ticks for 70k-100k, while kinetic stomp hits from 1mil to 2 mil in an AOE around you.

I’m currently looking to replace the sandstorm mod for the Comet mod which has a similar effect to Kinetic Stomp since dots aren’t that effective and doubling up on another raw DMG mod would push this build even further.

Below is the gear i’m currently using with mods attached.

25% increased Bleed dmg mod will replace Rejuvenation when i get it

How to Survive


The only thing you need to focus on to survive is keeping your bleeds up, the healing alone from the bleeds will keep you alive through anything this game has to throw at you.

Paired with 2x Gravity leap you can get out of any trouble that comes your way. You also have Golem as your backup.

ps. If you see any sort of hard cc coming your way make sure to have your bleeds out!

Skill Tree

Here is the current skill tree i’m using.

My Gold 15 Summary Solo

I’ve attached my summary to show the power of this build.

I believe i could get even faster gold timers if i planned my route more effectively but you’re just here for golds and loot right.

Note Marshlands caverns timer is a bit wonky atm due to the adds non stop spawning on one of the pillars and Eye of the storm is not possible to ever solo gold due to how the fight plays out.


This build will allow you to do anything in this game. I’m yet to see any class even come close to the DMG and Survivability of this build.

I’ve had an absolute blast with this build clearing everything the game has to offer and i hope you do to.

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