Sea of Thieves – Merchant Forager Achievement Guide

This is a short guide detailing one of the easier ways to get the Merchant Forager Achievement and associated in-game commendation.


Hi there! This is a short guide I have wrote which shares a method of finding Fruit Crate quests. I’ve seen a fair few people ask if there is any easier way to get Merchant Forager and what is the best way to get Merchant Forager so I figured I’d write up a guide for it.

These quests are quite hard to find normally but are necessary to complete the Merchant Forager commendation which subsequently unlocks the Merchant Forager achievement. In the below guide I will take you through a few easy steps which will help you find Fruit Crate Quests.

How to Get the Merchant Forager Achievement

1) Select a Default Ship.

Select a default ship from the ship menu. Personally I wouldn’t select a captain ship since we’ll be scuttling a lot which causes the Ill-Fated class to rise. Select your ship then select Closed Crew and Set Sail.

2) Check the Outpost’s Barrels.

Run around the Outpost island you spawn at and check all of its Barrels for Tattered Parchment quests. Collect any that you find. Tip: It helps to fill your inventory by picking up everything to start with so that eventually the only collectable item from barrels is these Parchment quests.

3) Check your Quest Wheel.

Check to see if the quest you have picked up is a Fruit Crate quest. If it is, great! If it isn’t, stash the quest and check the remaining Outpost barrels. A Fruit Crate quest will look like the images bellow when in the wheel/selected.

4) Deliver the Fruit Crate.

If you have found a Fruit Crate quest you’re ready to deliver your Fruit Crate! Tip: Don’t collect the Fruit Crate from the Outpost you found the quest at as you can collect it and deliver it from the quest destination.

When you get to the destination shown at the top of the quest collect the Fruit Crate from the merchant and fill it with the fruit from your ship barrels. This should get you to at least 30 fruit. You can then collect some fruit from the Outpost barrels and turn in the full crate to the merchant.

If you have gold to burn you could also just buy a fruit crate from the merchant, take all of the bananas out of it with the empty fruit crate and then turn that crate in. Either way will complete the quest and add one crate to the Merchant Forager commendation.

5) Scuttle and Change Seas.

Once you have delivered your Fruit Crate (or if you wasn’t lucky enough to find one in the Outpost barrels) scuttle your ship and change seas to repeat the process. Sometimes if you’re really lucky you will find another Fruit Crate quest from the island you delivered to, it’s a good idea to check the barrels before you change seas. To change seas open the Game Options menu, select My Crew then scroll down to Scuttle Ship. Where it says Vote to Scuttle Ship and Change Seas change No to Yes. Your ship will then sink and you will spawn at a new Outpost on a new Server ready to raid those barrels all over again.

While this method is a solid (and probably quickest) way to find Fruit Crate quests completing this commendation/achievement this way requires patience and an iron will. At the end of the day getting the correct quest is still luck/RNG based and it is likely this will take a good few sessions to complete. I believe it’s a 1 in 12 chance of getting the correct quest, possibly more so you just have to stick at it and make sure you deliver any crates you receive quests for.

If you are going to grind for it I’d recommend you only do it for an hour or so a day. Sometimes your like will be good and you’ll find 2 or 3 in one hour. Sometimes you won’t find any but take it from me. Grinding this for 7 hours and only finding 3 hurts a lot more. So just do it in odd sessions here and there.

6) Other ways to find Fruit Crate Quests.

If the grinding method is not for you there are other ways to find these quests. As you are travelling from island to island you can discover Fruit Crate quests by:

  • Checking every barrel you pass for Tattered Parchment quests.
  • Checking the shoreline for Message in a Bottle quests.
  • Keeping and eye out for Mysterious Journals, they are brightly coloured books which bestow quests when you read them.
  • Exploring Shipwrecks for Message in a Bottle quests and Tattered Parchment barrel quests.
  • Check Floating Barrels for Message in a Bottle quests and Tattered Parchment barrel quests.

7) Tracking your Progress.

You can track how far along you are with this achievement from the in game commendations menu. The commendation appears under the Merchant Alliance commendations. To get there bring up your Resources screen and access the Pirate Log tab. From here select Reputation then select the Merchant Alliance. Select Commendations and it should be the furthest right commendation on the first row. A picture of the commendation is below.

Commendation Grades

The grades for this commendation are as follows:

  • Grade I: 1 Crate
  • Grade II: 5 Crates
  • Grade III: 10 Crates
  • Grade IV: 25 Crates
  • Grade V: 50 Crates

Once 50 crates are handed in the commendation will unlock along with the achievement.

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