Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition – Guide to Mistery Portal of the TownHall

When Mistery Portal of the TownHall Does Open

This portal is a special event that allows you to collect special stars that you will use to open 3 special chests per month.

The one which costs 50 rainbow stars will give you a random key that you will use to complete the single campaign to unlock 2 special characters.

This way you will finish the campaign in 4 months because there are only 4 coloured keys (sometimes but rarely you won’t get the key).

This portal does open the first tuesday of each month (exceptions includes the first or the second day of the month, in that case the portal will open the next week, always on tuesday) and it lasts for 2 weeks.

There are special events every month and sometimes you will be able to use characters you don’t have own.

That’s it, have fun!

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