Reus 2 – Basic Guide: Ocean Depths / Shallows

Explanation of Ocean Depths / Shallows

By Kyun.

The Ocean biome has a depth mechanic that is uniquely tied to its size as a biome.

It works on a Patch by Patch basis, where any patch of ocean that is 3 or more patches (self inclusive) away from land is considered to be “The Deep”.

At the time of writing this guide, it should be noted that biotica only care about depth of the ocean patch at the time of placement…

Biotica will remain even if thier placement requirements change after the fact (subject to change).

Simmilarly the ocean only pays attention to LAND and not cities, leading to some….peculiar results (Also subject to change but slightly less likely as its grown on the community).

As it stands this can be handy, meaning you can have more than two cities in one large ocean similar to land biomes and it wil not split into two seperate oceans, or create shallows.

I hope you found this useful!

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