Reus 2 – Basic Guide: Sets

Explanation of Sets

By Kyun.

In reus 2 you may see some biotica refer to a “Set”.

Here would be an example of a set of Mineral and Plant.

In Reus 2, a given biotica cannot be a part of two different sets of the same kind. In the below example there is still only one set of Mineral and Plant.

However it can be a part of two different kinds of set. this example is now qualifies as a set of Mineral and plant and a set of Mineral and Animal (for what its worth it also is 1 set of Plant and animal).

However if I take the original example, and added another moss agate to the mix I would then have 2 set of Mineral and Plant.

However if you look at the original example of symbiosis, it still is only a value of 1x. thats because when a biotica calls for Distinct set, all biotica in each set must be different from eachother. and here we have two moss agate.

By making the second mineral into a different kind of mineral, then it will count as two distinct sets.

If a Biotica symbiosis calls for being adjacent to a set, it must be adjacent to each member of that set.

However, in either case the members of each set do not need to be adjacent to eachother.

Also unless “within this biome” is specified, the set can be comprised of other biomes biotica as well. this tends to be the case with adjacency sets, whereas non adjacency sets ten to be limited to the respective biome.

Sets can sometimes be a lot to keep track of, so remember to keep track of the Bioticas current symbiosis count for reference.

Thank you for your time and I trust you found this little guide useful.

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