Reus 2 – Basic Guide: Age of Horrors

Explanation of Age of Horrors (Era 3 Spoilers)

By Kyun.

One of the 2 eras that seems to cause the most confusion, is the age of horrors era.

The fisrt thing that happens is that the age will pick a leader to be the era centric leader like most other eras. How it does this? I have no idea after 2 hours of testing.

Then you have to make said avatar of chaos quite rich with 40 wealth, thus awakening Mr.Sleepycreepy.

This is when you will notice a need for a brand new 🩸 resource in the era goals.

There are two primary ways of getting this new resource. The first is a new project for your city of chaos: the alter.

The alter will give you 1 🩸 for every 10 food on the resource within borders of this city that has the highest food AND the newly revealed Dark Offering Tag. Most of the biotica with this tag are herbivores, but not exclusively so, and not all herbivores will have it.

The tag will show up in drafts now as well.

You should be able to quite handily reach this with a t2 or t3 Apex food based herbivore. If it has at least 200 food, thats it you did it! you can now focus on the wealth requirement, and then shoot for 500 prosperity.

If you dont have any good big food dark sacrifice, dont fret, because there is a second way to accumulate 🩸 through a new luxury your town has called cultist kits.

This lets you gain 🩸 by having at least 3 different biotica with dark sacrifice within your cities borders for a sweet 6 🩸.

You can spread this Luxury to other cities when they trade for a luxury from your alter city. So if its tech is relatively low you should be able to invent a thing or two, then open up some trade slots in your other cities. as long as they trade for anything from your alter city, they get the cultists too.

Between these two options it should be possible in most situations to reach 20 🩸 the alter option is definitly the best route as the alter also give you 5x the gold as there is food in your big dark sacrifice. So its quite possible to net several thousands of gold for the wealth requirement!

I hope you found this useful!

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