Rusty’s Retirement – Efficient Layouts Guide (Crops / Berries / Beehives)

A quick guide to everything you need to know about Efficient Layouts in Rusty’s Retirement game. Please note that these are maybe not the best layouts possible and should only serve as reference.

Guide to Best layouts

By CloneOrNot.

Please niote that these layouts outputs are based on the ideal situations, which cant be met. So the real output will be lower.

Currently Best Layouts

Layout #1

  • Size: 22×8 Tiles
  • Biofuel production: 230 per Min
  • Plants should be used: Cloudberries

Layout #2

With the current patch placing a butterfly cage is alwys less effective thenplacing 2 bushes.

  • Base Size: 1×4 Tiles
  • Size per field: 4×4 Tiles
  • Biofuel production per field: 0.5 per Min

Layouts for Crops

Efficiency Factors:

  • Reducing the bots, storage and water wells used while to increase space for fields. This should not lead to fields being unwatered or unharvested for longer times.
  • Using smaller fields (2×2) to make Splunk more efficient. 1x1s could be used (as they are even more efficient in this aspect) but as they cant have signs they will reduce the efficency in biofuel production.

The best possible Layout depends on the upgrade level of the bots used. The higher the upgrade level the less bots are needed.

Layout #1

  • Crop to Bot ratio: 224 to 56 = 4 to 1

Layout #2

  • Crop to Bot ratio: 416 to 64 = 6.5 to 1

Layout #3

  • Crop to Bot ratio: 368 to 52 = 7 to 1

Layout #4

  • Crop to Bot ratio: 352 to 80 = 4.4 to 1

Layout #5

  • Crop to Bot ratio: 450 to 94 = 4.8 to 1

Layouts for Berries

Efficiency Factors:

  • Stacking bushes as close as possible.
  • When using butterfly cages, use flowers only directly in the area for smaller set ups and dont use flower at all for bigger set ups.
  • Do not use butterfly cages under any circumstances as they reduce the production rate (at current patch).

Layout #1

Layouts for Beehives

Efficiency Factors:

  • Only 1 bush.
  • Only 1 flower.
  • As manny plots of 4×4 lands next to it.
  • Only one beehibe.

Please note that efficient beehives result in less efficient berry production (when using berries).

Layout #1

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