Soulstone Survivors – How to Finish Tier 5 (Tips)

Tips to Complete Tier 5


If you unlock runes etc you can do it.

It’s doable. You need high focus dps to kill asap Elite, Tower and Lords as soon as they appear.

‘Laser’ ability are great for that.

For example, you can do it with the Elementaliste with Arcane + Light + Lightning Beam, Arcane Missile, Lightning Chain (can be useless) and Might.

With this setup the final waves of Lords, melted in a few second.

Necro summoner build

You can do curse 5 with a necro summoner build, all the summons plus shadow nova. The bosses target your summons which helps, although it makes it harder to focus bosses and towers.


You absolutely can do it with Death Knight, it’s just kind of mandatory you take Bloodthirst and further move speed. It’s also kind of slow cause you’re kiting a lot.

Just did a really slow Death Knight one with Lasting Shadow skills such as Doom Ray and just kind of running around in circles till stuff eventually died.

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