Soulstone Survivors – Swift Justice Achievements Guide

A basic guide to complete the sub 8 and sub 10 minutes achievements.

How to Complete a Match in Less Than 8 Minutes


Hey survivors, this is a very simple and generic guide on how to complete a match in less than 8:00 minutes. I wouldn’t rush this super early game but you don’t necessarily need to have maxed the Skill Tree either. If you’re struggling with it, try to follow these simple steps or get back to it later once you’ve unlocked a few more Skills (+25%dmg, +20% area…etc). I’ve seen people completing matches with all sorts of Characters and even with Curses on, but I’ve decided to use The Necromancer with Curses disabled.


These are the two achievements you will unlock:

The sub 8:00 Achievements gives you 1 Runic Power, the sub 10:00 minutes Achievements unlocks The Elementalist class.


Not mandatory but pretty solid easy Runes choices. Starting with 1 extra ability for early clear speed and dashing faster to pick-up exp and get into position.


Realistically there’s only one simple step to the whole strategy. Head asap to a corner of the map; this is where enemies will spawn. You want to alternate sitting in place with looping around the edges of the screen to pickup exp. Depending on the class you chose you might want to focus on specific abilities but overall, just choose damage, area, exp magnet. Avoid armor, block and health, we’re not building for any late game.

My Necromancer Build

This is my first try Necromancer build. It’s easy. I went full on summon build because the Warriors and the Golems will walk around while the Archers and Mages will stick with you; once I saw that enough exp built up around the edges I would go collect it and come back to strategy spot.

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  1. I recommend using the arcane disc for bosses + for early clear Weapon expert+skill mastery shadow+dash mastery, let me clear with necrolvl20 Thanks for guide 🙂

  2. I did this with a sentinel but probably could’ve done it with whatever else … all I did is make sure I got mine field early … then I would just spam dash from the corner along the 2 sides next to the corner just going back and forth laying mines … the minions would spawn and instantly die a lot of the time, which made it super easy to finish this.

  3. For anyone who is like me didn’t follow instructions correctly, you literally want to be IN THE CORNER. Like wedge yourself in the corner and ONLY leave to grab XP. I completed a run in 6:26 by just sitting there and letting minions do all the work (Necro)

    I originally misunderstood the strategy and constantly was rotating in around in an L shape around the bottom left of the map. Don’t do that. Just Wedge yourself in the corner and you’ll get a good run. I did 20+ runs before I realized I was being a dork. Good guide!

  4. I’m maxed on my skill tree and I have a bunch of applicable runes, yet I still cant’ make even 10 minutes, let alone 8 🙁 There just don’t seem to be enough spawns to get the guardians to spawn quickly enough.

  5. I cant seem to have enough enemy spawn before 8 minutes pass. I keep getting only 2200 to 2400 kills at 8 minutes so the boss doesnt spawn yet. I did everything from staying in the corner, going full damage, and even trying multiple classes to see if I can clear faster.

    I can kill the bosses just fine, they die in under 2s but I’m having no luck with the mob spawns. I even tried higher curse level to see if maybe I will get more enemies but I keep doing it at 8:30 to 9:00 and no less.

    Oh and yes I have all the skills maxed except rerolls.

    • Edit, you may want to say how to get the runes in your walkthrough, and also what skills to aim for. May help others who want to do this run.

  6. thanks for the tips, i wasnt sure how spawning works in the game so I couldnt tell if staying at the corner or running all around would spawn more monsters

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