Deep Rock Galactic – How to Go Out of Bounds (The Easy Way)

Since there are many ways to go out of bounds, I wanted to share the simplest one (by far) to do.

Guide to Go Out of Bounds

All credit goes to Sarijus *Don'tUberMe*!


My recommendation is to use the salvage operation mission type since it makes the whole thing much easier to do.

  • Azure Weald biome
  • Mobula Cave Angels spawning

How to Do It

Step 1

Find a hole in the ceiling. Sadly resupply pod made holes or the ones made from lithophage warnings do not work – that’s where the already dropped down rescue pod in salvage operations work.

Also, the opening above the rescue pod has no ceiling collision – you won’t get stuck when going up for a long while (I got up to 500 meters above the drop pod got bored since nothing was changing at that point).

Step 2

Catch a Mobula Cave Angel.

Step 3

Fly in circles up the cave opening upwards till you magically appear out of bounds. Do not just fly up. Since the Cave Angels don’t fly only upwards they will hit a wall. If you hit a wall or brush against one for too long – you will fall down and have to repeat the whole process.

Step 4


Step 5

Press ‘h’ for long to disable hud and make some pretty screenshots for yourself.

Things to Note

Please, don’t do this in a multiplayer game with random people unless you all agree to that – otherwise it can ruin the fun (First your assignment, only then your excitement – don’t be a douche).

If you want to go back you don’t have do drop down the way you came from – any map border works since you will just clip back – watch out for fall damage!

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  1. Always fun to do that, never tried the cave angel though but I do like using the re-supply pods to build an elevator out, I perfer to use the opening hole the drop pod makes and scout my way from there, then I make a hole in the wall and call a resupply that then opens a way into the void, and with my rocket fuel shotgun I just send my self into the beyond. fun stuff it is

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