Soulstone Survivors – 34 Curse Bumble Easy Mode Build Guide

An EZ Mode guide for a 34 Curse Bumble kill using the Paladin class.

Guide to 34 Curse Bumble Easy Mode Build


If you are struggling to outlast Bumble in the boss room this build makes 34 Curse Bumble easy mode with the Paladin class by utilizing Exorcism and not selecting any Lifeless Void Curse upto 34 curse points. You can literally soak all damage in the boss room and not die by out-healing all damage in the boss room with Exorcism. The hardest part is of the run is defeating all the lords in the circles (red,blue, yellow, green, purple) before getting to the boss room, but with Exorcism you should be able to out-heal all damage received up-to that point.

The Build


This build utilizes the Singular Focus rune which might be overkill. That being said if you don’t have Singular Focus I believe you can also defeat 34 Curse Bumble easily by just not enabling any Lifeless Void Curse and utilizing 1 Exorcism with a standard build that uses any holy skill while prioritizing crit chance for bigger heals.

Other Runes Used:

  • Executioner, free extra damage for applying any extra effect with no downside.
  • Dash Mastery, dash farther to avoid damage.

The game plan here is to use Singular Focus to get extra healing from multiple Exorcism’s (Ability that heals when dealing damage to enemies) and thus why we disabled Lifeless Void to maximize healing. I ended up using only 2 Exorcism’s which is more than enough healing. For your damaging skill just stack something that attacks frequently( I used 3x Hammer of Justice). Crit chance is an important attribute in this build as Exorcism’s heals can crit healing significantly more, especially since the heal also stacks with critical damage modifier. For other attributes just take as much damage and multi you can get to make killing Bumble faster as he will have around 35M health.

And that is pretty much it, just outlast the boss by healing and whack him until he dies.

Enjoy completing all 3 achievements.

P.S. grab something that inflicts Doom along the way so you don’t have to spend 30 minutes in the boss room like I did.

Written by Dharaos

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