SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Tips for Necromancer

How to Play Necromancer

All credit goes to Batailleuse !

Basically you have to pray that your hero necro gets the undead healing perk (heals 30hp/turn to the party, plus some during the battles) or that you get an undead geal perk item.

And you need to speed run research to get the perma buff (with ongoing 1 mana cost) that give a passive 30hp regen/turn.

They do have some advantages, such as you can either do full physical or full dark damage, once you get your t2 units, the plague zombie basically with pop an almost infinite amount of free t2 zombies. (i do recommend getting one of those asap), dark damage being obviously superior, since you can get a -25% dark resist on the whole enemy team before a fight and your mages can add another -50% during the fight. so you can actually melt almost everything.

The Vampire is pretty strong as in… as long as you win fights they will always come back from the dead.

And basically undead just get better later, since you can mod any soul type you like to any undead.

A very stupidly strong t2 soul to use is the one giving the stacking berzerk, you can get some 7-8 kill per fight … by the end its a +10 or more damage per hit. it’s just ridiculous.

But some like +20-30 base hp is also pretty strong. but mana is usually an issue later to sustain armies, you can afford a few but you need to complete your armies with no cost units, like zombies, or skeleton that you get from cannibalism spell. (cost 0 instead of 1)

Or you can put the Undying t3 soul on everyone, and they will act like the vampire, will always resuscitate after every fight with 30%hp.

But i was not too impressed by their t3 units comparatively to other factions.

The lack of heal early is just deadly, and they dont have many source of leech.

All the while any living creature, when leveled you get it 2 level in the “regeneration” perk will heal to 100% every turn pretty much. while the regen for undead is like 2-3 hp per day it’s just useless.

That being said, vampire were pretty efficient, and they can be stupid deadly.

But i feel that overall having healer or bards type of character with living creature will tend to be superior anyways.

Only tip i can give you, is early, play with the wisp, they are low key the strongest unit by far, in the undead arsenal, just because they take -50% from physical and elemental damage from any source.

Just suck that we cannot XP summoned creatures, some later are really really good. like the summoned ethereal guardian (one of the best to fight undead)

But even by late game i would always just keep 1-2 full wisp armies around to fight the weekly brigand and level the new hero with them.

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