Super Fantasy Kingdom – Build 103 Tier List

Tier List

Breakdowns of the units and why I placed them where.

S Tier

  • Swordsman – Always available, tanky, great passive, ok damage – costs stone.
  • Ghost – All around solid, good aoe, good damge, good hp, easy dark synergies, decent relic.
  • Dino – Great tank with good knockback and aoe on attack.
  • Halfling – great damage and excellent passive easy versatile, great relic, always available.

A Tier

  • Crossbow – Available on map, great passive, very cheap, good clean up as no restrictions on who it can target – Bad aim.
  • Cyclops – Tanky, high damage, great CC – Single target damage…
  • Deathpriest – Good, cc nice self boost passive, good aoe, easy dark synergies – kinda low damage, low hp.
  • Shaman – Good tank, solid multi target attack with upgrades – mana.
  • Skeleton – Amazing damage, ok aoe, easy synergy with fatique and dark – very short range.
  • Water elemental – Ghost but water applies wet for great synergies, is super cute – Elemental so high cost.

B Tier

  • Gremlin – Good aoe and damage, has shield innately, works well with other strong units (tanks) – requires other units.
  • Jailer – High damage, has rage – fixed range attack, hard to position well and use properly, very hard to unlock.
  • Lizard – Good damage, ok aoe – just mid could be worse.
  • Miner – Good multi hit, good damage, has shield innately – Hard to unlock.
  • Runescribe – Great aoe, ok damage, always available – mana problems, very frail.
  • Treant – Tanky, good aoe and cc ok damage – hard to use passive well.
  • Psion – Cool, neat sounds, good cc, nicely groups monsters for other aoe – bad range, low damage, mana/frail.
  • Ice Elemental – Good range, good cc, good damage – Elemental so high cost.
  • Lightning Elemental – Good aoe great damage – Elemental so high cost.

C Tier

  • Dryad – Good damage – very bad range, frail/mana.
  • Leech – Cool summon ability – Very hard to use and Unlock.
  • Lich – Easy dark synergies, ok cc, ok aoe, barrier good – hard to position, fixed range attack , low damage.
  • Monk – On map, only unit which can complete quest, ok aoe- low damage, always seems to die and Eats all your food…
  • Pixie – Good status, good range – low damage, hard to use passive.
  • Satyr – Ok cc – mid damage, misses a lot.
  • Werewolf – High damage, only source of bleed – small range, small aoe.
  • Wind Elemental – Great CC – no damage, elemental so high cost.

D Tier

  • Marksman – Great range, good for bosses – single target, mid damage, hard to use passive.
  • Djinn – High damage, decent range – Probably deserves C or B as of build 96, small aoe is hard to use, mana/frail.
  • Fire Elemetal – Great range high damage – single target, Elemental so high cost.
  • All Siege – Hard to actually rank – high cost for mid payoff.

F Funny

  • Jester.

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I hope this was helpful to you!

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