Super Fantasy Kingdom – Glory and Earning

How to Earn Glory

A hopefully informative post about earning Glory. The first 3 values are mentioned in the tutorial (though I missed them in my first read through):

  • +1 Glory per 10 kills
  • -1 Glory per 10 leaks (enemy hitting your units)
  • -2 Glory on unit death (downing)
  • +3 Glory for the first boss

I believe that only the 10th kill or leak is relevant in regards to Glory hence:

  • 10-19 kills rewards 1 Glory
  • 0-9 leaks loses 0 Glory

In regards to unlocking roads / paths, I think a normal, perfect run will give around 75+ Glory.

To increase the maximum Glory achieve-able you have two options:

  1. Provoke monsters to attack at the red ‘x’ marks
  2. Add ‘Curse’ levels on the hero meta panel (increase difficulty by one day)

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