Tarisland – Basic Guide to Life-Crafting Skills / Professions

Life-Crafting Skills

What are Life-Crafting Skills?

Another name for the Life-Crafting skill is Crafting-Profession. Only 1 LC skill at a time. Cool Down Time (CDT) will apply if you change from 1 LC skill to another.


Forging with various minerals will produce powerful equipment (Helmets, Clothes, Gauntlets, and Pauldrons). Forging also produces other crafting tools and collection tools necessary for life skills.


Jewelry-making can use different types of Primal Stones to produce various types of adornments (Necklaces, Rings, and Accessories). Jewelry making also produces mysterious stones that trigger the special effects of Artifact.


Tailors can apply different textiles to produce equipment (Greaves, Belts, Capes, and Gloves). Tailors can also produce backpacks of various sizes.


Alchemy can brew various potions (Burst Potions, Lasting Potions, and Mixtures) with herbs. Alchemy can also produce Inscriptions that empower equipment attributes.


Artisan will creatively manufacture useful special items (Bombs, Supportive Items, Toys and Mounts, etc).

Exchange Points / Coins


Proficiency will increase/decrease when successfully crafting an item. Higher craftable items required more Proficiency points.

Silver and Gold Coin

Silver and Gold coins are In-game currencies. Some craftable items require Silver coins.

Gold coins are not required for crafting but they’re mostly used by the Market (Auction House). eg. to buy materials and carfted items etc.

Vigor and Stamina Potion

Both Crafting and Gathering require Vigor points. 1 Vigor point is recovered every 15 minutes. You can obtain Vigor points by Stamina Potion.

There are two ways to obtain Stamina Potions:

  • As a chest reward, once you reach 75 Daily Activity points.
  • Use 25 Friendship points to exchange for Friendship Pack.

Stamina Potion: 1 Stamina Potion = 50 vigor points

Artisan’s Spirit

Accumulating a certain value of Artisan’s Power will grant 1 Artisan’s Spirit, which significantly increases the chance of producing high-quality products.

300 Artisan's Power = 1 Artisan's Spirit = MAX
  • Only gain Artisan’s Power by crafting items.
  • You can also get 1 Artisan’s Spirit from Friendship Pack.

Friendship Pack (FP)

Friendship Pack is RNG. Randomly get one of the following rewards: Sincere Flying Rabbit, Stamina Potion, Artisan’s Spirit, Prestige Scroll.

Warning! For now, Do Not open Friendship Pack if you already have 1 Artisan’s Spirit.

  • Don’t know if you can get 2 Artisan’s Spirits at the same time.
  • Or if you going to lose any Artisan’s Power, when you gain 1 Artisan’s Spirit from Friendship Pack.

Materials and Craftable Items

What are they? How to acquire them?

Materials / Ingredients (Items Needed for Crafting)

Raw / Collecting / Gathering:

  • Using tools to collect.
  • Drop from wilderness mobs.
  • Buy from Trade Assoc.
  • Buy from Auction House.

Refined Materials:

  • Craft gathered materials.
  • Craft crafted materials.
  • Buy from Trade Assoc.
  • Buy from Auction House.

Craftable Items (Items That Can be Crafted)

  • Including tools, materials, gears/equip, accessories, toys and potions etc.
  • Buy from Trade Assoc.
  • Buy from Auction House.

Grade Colors and Stars

There are different Grade Colors and/or Stars for each tools, materials and crafted items (including gears/equip). To increase the chance of getting higher Star items require higher-grade materials/tool.

  • Grade Colors are Grey, Green, Blue and Purple. (Low to High).
  • Stars are 0, 1, 2, or 3. (Low to High).


On Trade Association, tools are Grey, materials are Green, gears & equip are Purple and they don’t have any stars.

For craftable items, such as:

  • Crafted items/materials: 3 grade colors. Green, Blue and Purple.
    • Green = 1 Star. Blue = 2 Star. Purple = 3 Star.
  • Crafted gears/equip: 2 grade color. Blue and Purple
    • Blue = 1 Star. Purple = 1 Star, Or 2 Star Or 3 Star.

Gears & equip from dungeons, 3 grade colors, green, blue, purple. No star.

Cool Down Times (CDT)

  • Cool Down Time(CDT) applies when you change from 1 Life-Crafting Skill to another.
  • For each Life-Crafting Skill, they have its own separate Cooldown time.
    • First-Time Change 1 Hour.
    • Second-Time Change 24 Hours (1 Day).
    • Third Time Change 168 Hours (7 Days).

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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