Tarisland – Wrathful Warrior Build Guide

Guide to Wrathful Warrior Build

By Godwalker

The why you should play a warrior and why nots you should play a warrior

  • In my opinion it has one of the strongest AoE burst abilities in the game in blade cyclone and you feel very badass when you push it.
  • The main mechanic of warrior is incredibly fun to play around, but also a high skill ceiling as well when min-maxing.
  • Best looking (male).
  • 2 big swords > 1 big sword > 2 small swords.
  • You like to burst people from 100% to 0% in pvp.
  • Some of the other classes just do what warrior does but better, for example, some classes have better throughput AoE and single target.
  • There is some bugs (maybe gimmicks i’m not entirely sure) hidden within some of our abilities/talents because devs are cool.
  • You love standing in stuff to get more rage to do more damage (wait wrong game).

Base Stats

StrengthIncreases you ATK* by a small amount, according to my math it’s about 15 str = 1 atk
ComboCombo is the chance your ability has to hit again, is affected by Spec effect in the inscribed stone tree
CooldownReduces cast time, cooldown, and global cooldown of skills
OmniIncreases Final damage
FocusHelps ignore the defense of enemies
StaminaIncreases your HP and base HP recovery
CritGives your damaging abilities a chance to do more damage, we do not have easy access to this stat however.
HitHit is the chance you have to hit a boss, incredibly important stat, check below this for a more in depth explanation

Atk as a stat boosts the damage of your abilities and inscribed stone emblems, very good stat but STR does not provide a lot of it, mostly your gear does.

Final damage from omni is the damage of your abilities after everything else has been calculated (crit/combo/focus/atk), its adds a flat % to the damage it would deal without the omni.

Hit is fully dependant on the boss you are killing, you can see the hit rating needed for a certain boss by clicking on the Attribute circle thing.

Stat Priority

You are gifted a lot of strength/atk from your gear already and in my opinion str is your worst stat besides stamina

What you are looking for in gear varies per piece, but your main priorities should be:

  • Combo > Cooldown > Omni > Focus > Hit (depends on the bosses you are killing)  > Strength > Stamina, you will never want stamina though get rid of it as fast as possible.

Now in my theory crafting and much gold spent combo is by far our best stat. Cooldown and omni however, there is a gigantic gap between both of them, cooldown seems to be significantly better than omni where you are fully able to go into cooldown and have quite literally 0 omni (not really because of inscribed stone skill). There are very few pieces with hit and focus, which i will go through in the gearing.

This is how you want to be building your character and stat priority, once you hit one cut off, focus on the next one:

We will get more into these stats later as every piece can roll different sets of stats, so this priority is only something to give an idea about what you are looking for.

You will never want stamina as a dps, you aren’t tanking i hope, it is nice for living mechanics though and lets you tank some (it will make your healers mad).


Cross Slash

Single target damaging ability, spammable and on a short cooldown, good for wrath generating and your main filler button, generates 1 wrath per push.

  • 41% of your ATK +112
  • 2 Charges.

Final Strike

Single target damaging ability, is your highest priority filler and you typically are using this whenever it comes off cooldown, generates 2 wrath per push.

A special thing worth noting is that you have a chance to reset the cooldown of this ability equal to the % of cooldown (the stat) you have.

  • 146% of your ATK + 385.
  • Does additional damage when the mob you are targeting is under 25%.

Fury Blade

Single target damaging ability, your highest priority button that you should be pushing, you should be enraged when you push it (talk about this later).

  • 146% of your ATK + 385
  • 2 Charges

Armor Penetration

Single target damaging ability, you use this to buff your fury blades and grant you enrage (more in depth when talking about rotation), boosts damage done on enemies hit by this ability by 10%.

  • 299% of your ATK + 784

Blade Cyclone

Incredibly strong AoE ability, is your main button to push when you need to deal any immediate AoE, short cooldown, high damage on AoE, almost never use on single target.

  • 31% of your ATK + 91, hits 14 times for a total of 434% of your ATK + 1274.

Infinite Rage

Warriors damage enhancing ability, increases your wrath gain on all abilities by double (cross slash is 2 per push, final strike is 4 per push).

  • Increases your ATK by 70 and combo rate by 3%.

Wrath/Rage Mechanic (many important gimmicks)

Spectrum Energy (0 wrath)

Each time you cast Cross Slash (1 wrath) and Final strike (2 wrath) you gain wrath which builds your Spectrum Energy, it looks like a spartan helmet from 300, wrath fills up the mohawk of the spartan helmet, it fills up to 10 wrath, this is the only way to tell how much wrath you have as of currently, it’s something you will need to learn yourself.

Spectrum Energy (8 wrath)

Once you get 10 wrath it refreshes a charge of fury blade if you already have 2 charges of fury blade it’s important to use one before filling your spectrum energy to 10 because you will not get a 3rd charge and the refresh on fury blade will be a massive waste.

There is also a mechanic where you can waste wrath from abilities, if you are at 9 wrath and press final strike to gain 2 wrath you will reset the fury blade charge but then lose the wrath and go back to 0, so with infinite rage up you can technically waste 5 wrath with a button if you time things wrongly.

Rage mechanic (red helmet)

With the use of a talent that you will take in every type of content, when you hit 10 wrath you become enraged, which makes your fury blade hit 1 more time (go over this in the talents), it’s important to maximize the uptime on enrage.

Inscribed Stone Skill 

Inscribed Stone Energy

Resetting the cooldown of fury blade with your wrath mechanic grants inscribed stone energy, also being in combat increases your inscribed stone energy but very slowly.

Inscribed Stone Skill

Warriors inscribed stone skill makes your cross slash generate 4 additional wrath, this wrath is not affected by infinite rage and will not give you 10 wrath like you would think it should. Additionally it always makes your fury blade do more damage, if it did generate 10 wrath though i would find this a lot stronger, instead it generates 5 wrath normally and 6 with infinite rage up.

Inscribed stone skill also passively increases damage for you, and can be nice to pair with infinite rage if it lines up.

I find this skill to be a little on the weaker side, don’t get me wrong it is very strong in some scenarios, but i mostly always use this to increase my throughput on bosses, if it lasted like 10 seconds it would be EXTREMELY strong, but we just can’t fit enough GCDs in the short 6 second timeframe, it’s also very easy to waste wrath when using your inscribed stone skill.

Damage rotation and skill usage

Rotationally warrior is pretty straight forward, however you need to pay heavy attention to your wrath and if you have rage up or not because your rotation does change depending on that.

There is a bit of randomness and RNG in the rotation however, cooldown not only reduces cooldown on everything which can make rotations different, it can entirely refresh final strike and make the rotation slightly different, for the sake of simplicity i will be ignoring that in the opener rotation however.

Note: if you do get a proc for your final slash after your second fury blade you should use final strike instead of cross slash.

The best opener rotation is as follows:

  • Infinite Rage -> Armor Penetration -> Fury Blade -> Final Strike -> Fury Blade -> *Cross Slash -> Fury Blade ->  Enter the priority phase

Priority phase is as follows when your Infinite Rage is down.

  • Armor Penetration (only when you have 1 charge of Fury Blade) >Fury Blade comes off cooldown/resets off wrath mechanic (only when enraged) > Final Strike > Cross Slash

I did mention how wasting wrath can be an issue, however that is only half true, wasting wrath is only an issue when infinite rage is up, otherwise you should follow the rotation above when infinite rage is not up.

For AoE you pretty much follow the same rotation except use blade cyclone on anything 2 target + 



This will give an idea on what you should be focusing on when building your Warrior.

We will go more in depth later on in the guide and detail every talent, where they excel at and why you should be using them.

  • Green – Must have Talent for Wrathful Warrior.
  • Yellow – Pick these if you have more points left over, also important Talents for building your class.
  • Orange – These are very situational. Will go more in depth below to when you could pick these.
  • Has value in some scenarios.
  • Red – These should not be picked at all, your Talent points are best used elsewhere. 

Detailed explanations

Rage (Green)

When you reach 10 wrath you become enraged for 5 seconds, being enraged makes fury blade hit 1 more time and can technically have a 100% uptime with enough cooldown.

Incredible talent and a must take in everything, no exceptions, increases your main damaging ability by a lot and also enables rampage in the very bottom right of the tree which ends up also being a even bigger damage increase

Final Slash (Yellow)

Makes your Final Strike have a chance to make your Cross Slash do more damage

You will be taking this talent in everything as well likely, adds so much damage and has a 100% chance to proc when at 3 points, cross slash is typically your second highest damaging ability so this is quite a bit of damage added overall, you will take this in almost everything because of the good amount of damage it gives.

Combo Specialization

Increases combo spec by 5%.

Everyone has this by default as a wrathful warrior.

Commander (Orange)

Increased combo rate

Boosts your combo by 1%, good for hitting the breakpoint of wrath desire, combo also works incredibly well with our tier set and 1% combo has been thought to be equal to around 1% increased dps, only ever take this talent when you get the combo to get to combo breakpoint like 34%, 42% and 50%

Berserk Blow (Green)

Armor Penetration sends you into the rage effect.

Also a very strong talent to help you with rage uptime, a must have in all types of content, helps you with burst during your opener.

Assault of Fury Blade (Green)

While in rage, casting fury blade increases the duration of rage, important for keeping rage up.

Simple talent, gives you 1.5 seconds of rage effect when enraged when fury blade is cast, big damage increase for your fury blade and means you can benefit more from rampage overall.

Blade Cyclone+ (Orange)

Increase the damage of blade cyclone and reduces the cooldown of blade cyclone

This talent probably is something you always take in most content, however you do not take it on pure single target bosses as there are other talents that increase single target damage more than this one, very good talent though on AoE and increases our already big AoE burst by a good amount and lowers the cooldown of it.

Rage+ (Yellow)

Increase damage by 1.5% when under the rage effect.

This talent is very good, a 4.5% damage increase when we are enraged turns out to be more than a 4.5% damage increase overall, we are already doing way more damage while enraged and this just gives us even more, pretty good and easy to use talent, usually you will want 3 points into this, but there are rare cases i will go over.

Wrath Desire

When cross slash lands a combo your ATK is increase by 5% for 4 seconds

When enraged your Combo DMG is increased (even more reason to not run furious stab)

Easy to understand, have combo and when you reach the breakpoint your combos while enraged do % more damage based on the combo you already have, combo being our strongest stat and this makes it even stronger.

Furious Stab (Red)

Swaps Final Strike with Furious Stab

I personally would never use Furious Stab, in my testing it’s a lot harder to play correctly and you also do less damage, would never run furious stab in anything.

If that changes I will also change this, but for now please don’t go furious stab.

Also worth noting you get less overall talent points when running furious stab to spend on talents that are much easier to use and overall better

Cross Assault (Orange)

Every 3rd cross slash does more damage.

I like this talent a lot, increases cross slash damage by a good amount and pressing the boosted cross slash from this talent counts for the every 3rd part, so you can hit the boosted cross slash, into 2 normal ones instead of 3 normal ones each time, this tended to be a very big increase in damage to your cross slash and is a must have on single target bosses.

Fury Blade+ (Yellow)

Fury blade does more damage and additionally has a chance to hit one more time

Great must have talent that increases the damage of fury blade itself and also gives it a chance to hit again, i should mention that i believe with these modifiers to fury blade that let it hit again, i’m pretty sure combo can proc off those hits making combo a even stronger stat

Cruelty (Red)

Furious Stab makes your next Fury Blade do more damage.

I personally would never use Furious Stab, in my testing it’s a lot harder to play correctly and you also do less damage, would never run furious stab in anything.

If that changes I will also change this, but for now please don’t go furious stab.

Also worth noting you get less overall talent points when running furious stab to spend on talents that are much easier to use and overall better

Cross Slash+ (Red)

Cross slash does slightly more damage and has a chance to give an additional wrath when at 0 wrath.

A talent that was bugged for me while testing it when we were still leveling, it was not granting the +1 wrath it was supposed to give, however testing has shown that its working now, i still do not think this is a strong talent though, if i figure something out this might change and become a stronger talent, for now though i do not like this talent as we already have so much wrath so it’s just not needed, and stacking cooldown makes this talent even more useless.

Direct Final (Red)

After fury blade is cast your next final strike has a small chance to do trigger the enhancement effect making it do a little more damage

This talent can be nice, but final strike does not do enough damage to make this worth taking, the damage bonus also isn’t enough itself.

Crazy (Red)

When enraged the cooldown of furious stab is lowered and you are more likely to land a combo with furious stab.

I personally would never use Furious Stab, in my testing it’s a lot harder to play correctly and you also do less damage, would never run furious stab in anything.

If that changes I will also change this, but for now please don’t go furious stab.

Also worth noting you get less overall talent points when running furious stab to spend on talents that are much easier to use and overall better

Final Strike+ (Yellow)

Final Strike deals more damage and its base cooldown is reduced

Must have talent, the reduced cooldown for final strike is very nice for wrath generation which overall increases damage by a good amount, not much to this talent except it’s needed.

Enemy Break

The DMG bonus of Armor Penetration (10%) is increased by omni percentage x 50%

It also has breakpoints that increase the damage bonus of armor penetration as well.

I do not like this, the DMG bonus of armor penetration has never felt that strong and this doesn’t boost it by a lot.

The math pretty much is as follows (let’s say 14% omni):

  • 14% base omni+7% provided by the 11.4% breakpoint x 50% = 10.5% DMG bonus added to Armor Penetrations effect.
  • In simpler terms: 21% x 50% = 10.5%

While that seems like a lot, armor penetrations effect doesn’t last very long, so it turns out to not be as big of a damage increase as one would think.

Furious Stab+ (Red)

Increases Furious Stabs damage and gives you a chance of gaining +1 wrath when not enraged

I personally would never use Furious Stab, in my testing it’s a lot harder to play correctly and you also do less damage, would never run furious stab in anything.

If that changes I will also change this, but for now please don’t go furious stab.

Also worth noting you get less overall talent points when running furious stab to spend on talents that are much easier to use and overall better

Armor Penetration+ (Orange)

Armor penetration deals more damage and increases the combo rate of your next damaging ability by 4% (per level)

This talent is weird, i had originally thought this could be very strong on AoE, but the combo rate of your next damaging ability only applies to the first hit of blade cyclone and not the entire cast, i would like to see that changed to be the entire cast.

I would only ever take this talent on pure single target scenarios when you have your tier set up to 5, the 5 set bonus is pretty nice with this talent, otherwise don’t touch this talent.


Fury Blade has a chance equal to your cooldown % to reset the cooldown of Final Strike or Furious Stab

When you have reached cooldown breakpoints, casting fury blade reduces the cooldown of infinite rage and armor penetration

I love this bonus, it has helped with throughput so much at 10% the cooldown gets reduced by 0.4 seconds, which is not a lot, but the next bonus is really good at 19% and 0.9 seconds reduced, with 19% cooldown reduction on your abilities already, and infinite rage cooldown being reduced by cooldown and by fury blade you get to cast a lot more Infinite Rages in a battle, which in turn means way more wrath, which means more fury blades, which means more CDR.

This bonus is way more interactive than the omni bonus and way more fun to play around with.

Wrath Spread (Orange)

When you use Infinite Rage it gives the ATK and Combo bonuses to your teammates in range.

A must have in arena and if you are pushing very hard content (not the content we are doing right now), i would 100% take this talent, it will increase overall damage of your raid, not for yourself though, take it if you want but i wouldn’t personally as the content isn’t hard enough to make this worth taking for me.

Infinite Rage+ (Green)

Infinite Rage grants more ATK and the effect lasts longer

This talent by itself is not very strong, but when stacking cooldown and with the use of wrath outbreak this talent skyrockets and becomes way stronger, because of cooldown reducing the cooldown of Infinite Rage, and Wrath Outbreak granting wrath based on the time Infinite Rage lasts it becomes stronger the more geared you get and needed in everything.

Rampage (Green)

Upon gaining rage, there is a chance to gain rampage with the same duration, with rampage you deal more damage and take more damage

This talent is broken, at 3 points you have a 100% chance to do 6% more damage when you enrage yourself, enrage almost has a 100% uptime for me anyways so this is just a lot of damage added on, it’s pretty much rage+ but better.

Wrath Outbreak (Green)

Grants you 1 wrath every 2 seconds when Infinite Rage is up

For some reason the tooltip is a lie, it grants you 1 wrath every second instead of every 2 seconds for a total of 15 wrath when using Infinite Rage+, super good for bursting and also gains power because of Cooldown and helps keep the talent to the left of this one up (super powerful talent), which means a lot of damage added

Combo Damage Specialization

Increases combo damage by 10% upon reaching 40.

Everyone gets this when they hit 40.

Sample Builds

Using 32 Talent points available

PvE Pure Single Target





Level 20 (8+2 Talent Points*)

Level 26 (11+4 Talent Points*)

Level 30 (13+6 Talent Points*)

Level 34 (15+8 Talent Points*)

Level 38 (17+10 Talent Points*)

*The extra talent points come from completing quests towards the 7 day login. You can see where you are gaining extra Talent Points from by pressing the + sign in the Skill window: 

Inscribed Stone


For inscribed stone i’ll be showing the early path you should take when you dont have alot of dust to go very deep into the tree, then will talk about the stat priority and what to pick up and when to pick up the echo nodes


This is just the pathing you should take to unlock all the emblems while taking the best stats along the way, the table below this shows you the stats you should picking up that will you make you big and strong.

Big and strong Pathing

Go for all the nodes shown above, then you should follow the priority listed below, also a thing worth noting is that you should be putting at least 1 point into each square stat (with the exception of resonance) and at least 1 point.

Priority for stats is go for the breakpoints talked about in the stat priority section, but typically you want to reach all these nodes shown below than focus 1 stat at a time, which means putting 3/3 points into them (with the exception of the echo nodes), The priority for these stats should be as follows:

  • Combo>Cooldown>Specialization Effect>Omni>Focus>Then unlock 1 rank of each echo node>Resonance>Rank 2 of each echo node>Rank 3 of each echo node>Strength>>>>Stamina

Echo nodes tend to be weaker, they look like big triangles, pretty easy to distinguish, the top and very bottom echo nodes are both the stronger ones in my opinion.


You have a very low chance of getting a Special Attribute on a Purple Emblem when you are leveling it to 10. Every emblem has their own Special Attribute and you can only get one.

You may choose 5 of these Emblems to use according to their description and use case.

Personally I run Warlike Surge, High Energy Potion, Sprawl, Strive on all types of content, then my 5th emblem is either Burst/Out of Control depending on what type of content i’m doing.

You might also ask “But what about the Stats when we level up the Emblems?”

This is the most frustrating and time / money consuming aspect in the entire game, My opinion on this is that you should focus on getting the special attribute on every single one of these emblems over anything else, it will be more DPS than 3 Emblem Skill Levels +1 (at least for high energy potion, sprawl, and out of control, with the others only being stronger than 2 Emblem skill levels).

Getting the Special Attribute is fairly rare, but Focusing on getting one would change the game a lot for your damage.

It’s a lottery system, but the Special Attribute is very strong, there are 3 other types of things you can roll too that i also find very strong, Upper right/left/center node’s attributes +50% are also all very strong depending on where you put them, typically you want to put these where you can increase as much combo as possible, which are the 2 very bottom emblem locations with upper right being better on the left emblem spot and upper left being better on the right emblem spot, upper central is strong in the middle emblem location to increase the specialization effect by +50%, Emblem skill level +1 is also worth mentioning here, it’s a very strong bonus to roll and is something you should tend to gravitate towards, stats do seem to be king right now, but that’s only combo and cooldown that would be worth getting as of right now.

You do not want Flat stats on the Emblem additional levels as those are extremely miniscule. Always aim for the Node bonus % or Skill Level, and One Special Attribute.


Gear, Attributes, & Aptitudes 

Green is good and typically the best you can get, yellow is the second best, orange is third best, and red is the worst/things you shouldn’t have

Multiple green/orange/yellow/red things clumped together means they are of the same value to each other damage wise

Pieces cannot roll omni+cooldown, so typically you go with cooldown+strength on every piece that cannot roll combo.

Sword and shield


Special Aptitudes

Cross Slash DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Cross Slash DMG+Armor Penetration DMG+Furious Stab DMG+ +Echo

Rings are unable to roll both cooldown+omni, however cooldown>omni, so go for cooldown+strength on the ring
Accessories, Gauntlets and Gloves are unable to roll Focus and Hit, i have a more in depth explanation of how it works marked in Asterisk below (****)
Aptitudes marked in green are the same dps unless stated differently above them.

Accessories Leather GauntletsGauntletsRings





Special Aptitudes
Fury Blade DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Armor Penetration DMG+ +EchoArmor Penetration DMG+
Infinite Rage Increased ATKFurious Stab DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+ +Echo
Cross Slash DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Cross Slash DMG+Armor Penetration DMG+

Furious Stab DMG+ +Echo
(the cross slash dmg+ +echo is better in this slot, try to get it)

Fury Blade DMG+ +Echo
Cross Slash DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Cross Slash DMG+Armor Penetration DMG+

Furious Stab DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Armor Penetration DMG+ +EchoArmor Penetration DMG+
Infinite Rage Increased ATKFurious Stab DMG+ +Echo

Once again all of these items are unable to roll Cooldown+Omni, so go for cooldown+strength, the exception being the badge. Neck, chest, being able to roll combo and cooldown, go for both of those and the shoulders, cape and belt all being able to roll combo and focus, should also go for both of those.

Helmets & BootsBadge & Necklace & Chest & PantsShoulders & Capes & Belts


Special Aptitudes
(Both of these you should be picking up the purple versions, blue versions are slightly worse)

Fury Blade DMG+ +Echo
Cross Slash DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Cross Slash DMG+Armor Penetration DMG+

Furious Stab DMG+ +Echo
(all of these i would pick up the purple versions except for the armor penetration on the chestpiece)

Fury Blade DMG+ +Echo
Cross Slash DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Cross Slash DMG+
Armor Penetration DMG+ +EchoArmor Penetration DMG+

Furious Stab DMG+ +Echo
(all of these i would pick up the purple versions except for the armor penetration on the shoulders and belt)

Fury Blade DMG+ +Echo
Cross Slash DMG+ +EchoFinal Strike DMG+ +Echo
Fury Blade DMG+
Cross Slash DMG+
Armor Penetration DMG+ +EchoArmor Penetration DMG+

Furious Stab DMG+ +Echo
Rare AttributesBadge Only:
Energy Saving Chance
(i have no idea what energy saving chance does)

Note: Try not to stack the same aptitude on all pieces. Mix them up.

Just make sure they are all green aptitudes, Cross slash and Fury Blade are like the same DPS wise, A couple final strikes is fine as well!

If you are unlucky and do get the same aptitude more than what would be optimal, that is alright as long as it is not Orange or Red.

Try to aim for Green on all pieces, or mix Green and Yellow to ensure there are less of the same aptitudes.

On Ilvl 100 gear you can get 2 stats, one being +105, and the other being +157, try to get combo +157 on every single piece of gear possible that can roll combo, if it can roll combo and cooldown you want to get +157 combo and +105 cooldown, if it is able to roll cooldown/omni/strength, you cannot get omni and cooldown on the same piece, so you want to get +157 cooldown and +105 strength, some pieces can roll focus and strength, try to get focus instead of strength if that is the case because that is the better stat.

*****For hit rating you should always see what boss you are trying to kill is, those pieces that can roll hit cannot roll hit and focus on the same piece sadly, so hit/strength is the best possible roll you can get on it, however you can get +105 str and +157 hit on 2 pieces so that your 3rd piece can be +157 focus and +105 str to min-max your dps slightly.


For gems it is important to at least have your Red and Yellow gems slotted, Blue gems are not super important as a dps but still good to have if you have the extra funds to buy them as well.

Red Gems

For the Red Gems, always try to Prioritize getting STR gems, hit gems you should just get from your gear probably, easier and most raids are built for your hit being from gear (cardinal pyro stones are the STR gems, focus on those).

Yellow Gems

For Yellow gems, later on this will depend on what you are aiming for, but early these should be only combo.

Even later it is completely fine to only slot combo on Yellow slots.

Lion’s eye is the combo gem you should be slotting in every yellow slow, bear is omni if you need to hit a breakpoint, owl is cooldown if you need to hit a breakpoint.

Blue Gems

For Blue gems, alway slot Stamina, it gives more health than the health version of the gem with added benefits from stamina itself that don’t matter that much.

Hill stone is the stamina version, dawning is the raw health version.

Colorful Gems

You can get all 3 of these, replace your stamina gems when you get these with these colorful gems.

Colorful gems are The Best gems you can get in the game, also the rarest.

At first, once you get these gems, always slot them in the Blue Gem slots to not waste useful stats in Red and Yellow gem slots as you can slot Colorful gems in any color slot.

Same rule applies to these as Yellow Gems, get what you need, but prioritizing Combo is good. Or for most people, get what you can when it comes to Colorful gems as these are rare.

Generally the goal is to have all of the Colorful Gems available as you can only have one gem of each type at the same time.


Warning! Read little message below.

You may see reflect damage on some of these pieces, that is a pvp only thing, you only care about that in pvp, otherwise ignore it.

As before, please follow the priority when empowering your gear. Stamina empowerment on gear is not important, these can be skipped completely if you want to save gold.

For Tier 3 I would recommend focusing on Weapon > Boots > Gloves as those give the best effects in the Tier. I would also recommend leaving these three at Tier 3 for a good while.

For the other pieces the Tier 3 effects are not too special but still a good stat increase.

We unlock Tier 3 empowerments “officially” 32 days after launch, albeit these can be crafted at a low chance % 8 days after launch already when crafting Tier 2 scrolls. 32 days after launch we can also proc Tier 4 empowerments which are the best in the game currently.

For Tier 4,  we are leaving Weapon, Boots, and Gloves on Tier 3 because the gain from Tier 3 to Tier 4 is not high enough to justify focusing upgrades on initially.

Instead, we will be focusing on getting your Helmet, Shoulders, and Pants. In any order.

Then upgrade the rest of your gear to Tier 4 (Weapon, Gloves, Boots) and the rest as your budget sees fit.

The chest empowerment should be your lowest priority, but try to get it to at least Tier 3 before starting to invest in Tier 4 empowerments. In other gear.

*Reflect Damage should only be slotted into PvP sets.


Currently rank 73 world out of overall DPS specs in the game, world rank 1 NA amongst warriors, and rank 6 world amongst warriors in the Root of Corrosion Elite raid.

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