Tarisland – Bard Guide: Blue Talent Build + Rotation

Blue Talent Build Guide for Bard


  • Before boss fight self cast 11.
  • On pull cast 3.
  • Continue into 22 > 64333 > 13 > 223 > 13 > loop
  • Prioritize 5 on AOE situations whenever applicable (whenever you can spam 5 without cd or with 1 second CD). Eg. do not use 5 on 2 mobs. Otherwise just use your usual rotation and always have your red buff up before spamming 5.
  • Always prioritize using your 5th skill over 1 every 8th cast of your 3rd spell.
  • Never cast 5 if the next order of your rotation is to use blue+blue notes (223). Only use the glowing 5 when it’s the turn for blue+red notes (213).
  • Refresh 113 only when your musical note score is empty (no chord stacks) or if there’s a transition phase when you can self cast without losing dps and thus refreshing the red note buff on the newly spawned mobs.
  • Always prioritize the 223 mix after 4.
  • Gear wise, aim for aptitudes that give you chord damage and powerful melody damage.
  • As a starting point aim for 42%+ combo, 10%+ cd, and rest into omni/resonance. Ideally you want to get as much combo and omni/resonance as possible in the later stages.

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Note: 3K+ dps in raids, 35.1% combo, 10.2% cd, 3.1% omni. Can be better with better emblems + gear.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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