Terraria – Most Effective NPC Happiness Setup (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

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This is the perfect setup for building NPC houses on your world.

Guide to Perfect Setup for Building Npc Houses

Journey Has Begun


  • Try to not make rooms too close, at least 25 tiles away from each other. I personally prefer to just find two large trees in the forest to start building my base. One room (main) is located in bigger crown of tree. I place there Nurse and Arms Dealer for fast heal due to my respawn. Second room is placed in second crown. Third room is placed between two trees.


  • One room – Guide + Merchant.
  • Second room – Nurse + Arms Dealer.
  • Third room – Zoologist + Golfer.


  • Nurse is here because you can fast magic mirror to heal yourself (pylon doesn’t work when boss is alive).
  • While playing as Ranged you can buy musket balls without teleporting anywhere.
  • Golfer and Zoologist are NPC that any class can use (to check progress or to just play another game of gold).
  • Same goes to Guide and Merchant

All mentioned NPC above will have best prices and all will be happy (due to living in Forest, also they like they neighbor).


  • Demolotionist + Tavern Keep


  • Usually when I go for building house for these two, I visit them rarely (just for bombs to mine, or grenades at the very start of the game).
  • You can use pylon in underground to fast teleport to your gem-tree farm.

Underground near Mushroom Biome

  • Clothier + Truffle


  • You won’t use these NPC frequently, only at the start of hardmode while playing ranged.
  • Both NPC love each other, and you get free Pylon to TP to (that’s why you don’t need to place this building near Demolotionist.


  • First floor: Witch Doctor + Dryad.
  • Second floor: Painter.


  • Witch Doctor sells Pygmy Necklace.
  • All NPC have good prices, and they’re themed after a biome they came from.


  • Party girl + Wizard


  • They like each other, and they like Hallow.
  • You get free Pylon to Hallow biome.


  • First floor: Pirate + Angler
  • Second floor: Stylist


  • For best price you can get yourself cannonballs to protect your main base from for example Solar Eclipse.
  • You get pylon to teleport to Ocean.


  • First floor: Steampunker + Cyborg.
  • Second floor: Dye Trader.


  • Best prices.
  • You get pylon to teleport to Desert.


  • First floor: Mechanic + Goblin Tinkerer.
  • Second floor: Tax Collector.


  • Best prices.
  • You get pylon to Snow biome.
  • You get best prices from Goblin Tinkerer (reforging is costly).

To sum up: it’s the most effective way of building and placing your NPC’s around terraria world. You get pylons, all are happy (always price 90% or less), also all NPC sells their best stuff possible because they like biome they’re in. You get fast heal on magic mirror and fast refill of ammo.

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