Total War: Rome Remastered – Tips for Battle of Chaeronea on Very Hard

Battle of Chaeronea Tips

On VH difficulty, even if you manage to defeat the 3 Sacred band with relatively few casualties, your all allied pikes will be wiped out. This is inevitable. You must destory enemy hoplites by one by one with only your remaining cavalry. Don’t be impatient, lure them out one by one and charge behind them. Once you’ve defeated the Sacred band and the enemy generals, you’ll find it easier a little to work once you’re far away from the Hoplite and exhausting the Hoplite.

Anyway all allied pikes would be defeated, so you don’t need to be particular about destroying the sacred band in less than 2 minutes. However, if it takes too long, the cavalry may be routed. When that happens, you’ll start over. I played with no pause and no slow, but of couse you can(or should) play with lots of pause.

That said, it’s not easy to defeat 3 Sacred band by little damage on VH. You may have to try over and over again. In my successful case, after defeating the Sacred bands, I had a total of 182 cavalry left (and it took about 2min 30sec). If it stays like this, it will work out.

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