TRAHA Global – Archaeology Guide

What is Excavation?

Excavation is a gathering activity through which you can obtain various damaged artifacts that can be restored through Archaeology.

Detecting Artifacts

In order to detect nearby artifacts, the compass icon below the minimap on the UI must be set to “ON”. This icon only appears when you are in detection range of an artifact. When the function is on, you can see the artifact compass to the left of the health potion button. This compass shows the character’s distance from the artifact in real-time, so you can locate relics by adjusting your distance and direction until you get close enough to excavate them.

  • If you turn the compass icon to “OFF”, the artifact compass will never appear and Excavation will be impossible until turned back on.

Excavating Artifacts

If the distance between your character and the artifact is under 2 meters, you can begin excavating. Excavating will then proceed like other forms of gathering, beginning the optional minigame once you have selected the number of times you want to excavate. Through excavation, you acquire incomplete artifacts that can be restored through archaeology. The type of restored item you can acquire depends on the type of artifact.

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology takes damaged artifacts and restores them into items that can be used in other recipes.

Archaeology UI

  1. Watchlist: View artifacts that you have pinned to the top of the list for easier access.
  2. Artifacts Owned: View a list of artifacts currently in your possession
  3. Artifact Info: View all other artifacts by level
  4. Pet: View buffs granted by pets that can give boosts to archaeology
  5. Archaeology Level: Shows your current archaeology level and experience
  6. Artifact Restoration Info: Lists all possible restoration results. Unlike other professions, archaeology does not have the same end product each time.
  7. Great Success Info: Shows any active effects that increase your chances of a Great Success
  8. Pin: Pin the artifact to your watchlist

Crafting tools/food buffs/pet effects/craftsmanship stats can increase the probability of great successes.

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