TRAHA Global – Field Bosses

Field bosses are very powerful monsters that appear in specific areas out in the field. Defeating them will provide you with useful rewards that can be claimed once per day.

Field Boss Information

Navigating to [Menu] → [Field Boss] will show various information about field bosses, such as spawn times and main rewards.

  1. Recommended group size and combat power needed to defeat the boss
    • Recommended combat power is based on a party of the recommended size
  2. This shows the time when the boss appears.
  3. Shows possible rewards for defeating the boss
    • Rewards are given to all Traha that participated in the battle. Exact rewards may vary.
  4. Pressing the [Move] button will make your character begin automatically moving to the boss’s location.  Pressing the [Teleport] button will consume one memory stone and immediately transport you to the boss’s location.
  5. Displays information and spawn timers of various other field bosses.

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