TRAHA Global – What Are Dungeons?

What Are Dungeons?

You can enter dungeons alone or with other Traha. Eliminate powerful enemies and win various rewards from loot!

Dungeon Information

From the main menu or quick menu, the [Dungeon] tab allows you to view information about and enter dungeons.

  1. Choose between solo, random, or elite dungeons.
  2. See the amount of recharge tickets you have for the currently selected dungeon type
  3. Choose the dungeon’s difficulty (based on combat power). Dungeon difficulties that exceed your combat power are not available.
  4. View rewards for clearing the dungeon.
  5. Enter the selected dungeon or begin party matching
  6. View a list of dungeons and the amount of possible attempts remaining

Dungeon Types

Traha Global has single player and multiplayer dungeons. All dungeons can only be completed a certain number of times per day.

Solo Dungeons

A solo dungeon is a dungeon that can be completed alone. Attempts reset each day at 06:00.

If you use a [Solo Dungeon Ticket], you can attempt a dungeon one extra time and get more rewards.

Random Dungeon

A random dungeon is a dungeon for four characters. You can join with other randomly chosen Traha or with NPC mercenaries.

It can be attempted twice per day and resets each day.

  1. When you are not in a party, press the [Enter] button.
  2. If you are matched with a party, select a role and confirm it to enter the dungeon.
  3. If you have not been matched after a certain period of time, select a role through [Match with Mercenaries] and press [OK] to enter the dungeon.

In random dungeons, combat power is adjusted to the average combat power of the players.

If you use a [Random/Elite Dungeon Ticket], you can attempt the dungeon again and get more rewards.

Elite Dungeon

An elite dungeon is a dungeon for a group of 4 players that must meet certain role requirements for entry. Even if you do not have a party of 4, party members can still match and enter the dungeon with a smaller amount of people.

Attempts reset at 06:00 on Monday and Friday.

If you use a [Random/Elite Dungeon Ticket], you can attempt the dungeon again and get more rewards.

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