Train Sim World 3 – Training Center Collectable Guide

This guide shows you where to find all collectables on the Training Center route for TSW3.

Guide to All Training Center Collectable Locations


The dawn of a new era! Training Center is new in Train Sim World 3, and it has collectables just like any other route in the game. This guide will show you where to find each and every one so you can sleep easy at night knowing you found them all!

What to Look For

There is just one type of collectable on the Training Center route.

Route maps and number on route: 20

The Collectables

Now let’s get into where to find all 20 maps. I didn’t bother splitting up the collectables into different chapters, as the route is so small. Just use the in-game map attached as a reference to where the collectable may be. Note: Most of the maps are close to a road or pathway.

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