ULTRAKILL – Palette Crash Fix

I tried changing the color palette and my game crashed and when I tried to launch it again it crashed after the splash screens. I fixed and now I am sharing how.

Palette Crash Fix

Step One: Go To The Game Files

You can go there by right-clicking the game on your library, then going to propieties, then to local files and finally to explore.

The names of the things you need to click may be different than the ones I said because I am translating them from spanish, I hope you can still get where you need to be.

Step Two: Delate The Palettes

You now need to either delete or take out of the file every palette but the one I assume is the main one (the one that’s bigger than the rest). I saved them on a file outside the game files, but I can’t use anyways, so I guess you could just delate them.

Step Three: Launch The Game

Your problem is already solved. No further explanation needed. Have a nice day.

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