ULTRAKILL – Weapons Guide (Full Arsenal Update)

A guide on how to utilize the three new red variants from the Full Arsenal Update.

Guide to Full Arsenal Weapon

Sawed-On Shotgun (Red Shotgun)

It has the same primary fire as the other shotguns, so you can still shotgun swap and projectile boost. The secondary fire revs a chainsaw, which you can use as a melee to quickly kill big, stationary targets like Maurices and Cerberi. It gets harder to use against flying targets like Gabriel and the Virtues because they get pushed away.

Releasing the revved chainsaw sends it out on a leash. Depending on the amount of charge, it will fly out in front of you at a decided distance. After firing it, it has a decently fast recharge, around 4 seconds. The time for the recharge is consistent. It doesn’t change no matter how long the chainsaw is out, if it is returned etc. When the chainsaw is coming back at you, you have a big window to punch it back outwards. You can repeat this indefinitely.

If you get bored of walking your “chainsaw dog” you can use the knuckleblaster to fire the chainsaw as a projectile, which acts sort of like a projectile boost, giving a small freezeframe. It can bounce off walls, around 25 times so. Sending the chainsaw as a projectile has no effect on the recharge. You can also punch it while it’s flying around to redirect it, which is pure dopamine.

It can grant the following style bonuses:

  • GROOVY for killing with the melee.
  • NO-NO for killing with the projectile after first firing.
  • RE-NO-NO for killing with the projectile after parrying with the Feedbacker to send it back out.
  • UNCHAINEDSAW for killing with the unleashed projectile by parrying with the Knuckleblaster.

Jumpstart Nailgun (Red Nailgun)

The primary fire is the same as the overheat nailgun. For the sawblade variant, the sawblades are also the primary fire for the overheat sawblade launcher. This means they can be used to deal large electrical damage, especially after the electricity buff. The secondary fire is very interesting and complicated.

The secondary fire sends a claw attached by a cable. If it doesn’t hit anything, the claw breaks, requiring no charging or reloads. Attempting to fire while a claw is out breaks the previous claw and sends a new one. The indicator on the weapon tells how far away you are from the claw and target, which is important for this weapon. You can be around 16 units away from the claw before it starts to break with no target.

Once attached to an enemy, a new bar will appear under the distance bar, representing the charge of the secondary attack. The closer you are to the target, the faster this bar charges, and vice versa. Once it’s full, the weapon releases a powerful electrical attack, which can be amplified by nails. Saws that hit the target of the secondary fire while it is charging do extra electrical damage and leave a trail of electricity like the electric railcannon. Other enemies that are hit with nails near the target will also be hurt by electricity damage.

The Jumpstart nailgun can give the following style boosts:

  • KILL or +BIG KILL if the secondary fire kills with no nails.
  • ARSENAL along with +KILL or +BIG KILL if killed with no nails but with sawblades.
  • CONDUCTOR if killed along with nails.

Firestarter Rocket Launcher (Red Rocket Launcher)

The primary fire is the same as the other rocket launchers. The secondary fire shoots a glob of oil. It can be held down to fire continuously, capped only by the meter. The globs can be fired surprisingly far. If the oil lands on the ground, you can do some cool stuff.

Hitting it with any explosion will set it on fire (minus Malicious Railcannon shots for some odd reason). Rockets that directly hit oil will cause a damaging explosion, which you can use for more efficient rocket jumps. The fire can damage you for around 12 damage alongside damaging enemies. You can go ontop of oil, which will carry your momentum as long as you are on oil. Dashing, sliding, any form of momentum is carried. High amounts of momentum seem to not be consistent in momentum-keeping.

You can also oil enemies up…

Oiling enemies causes them to catch fire when exposed to explosions. It’s quite powerful against Cerberi and Sisyphean Insurrectionists, but surprisingly weak against Maurices due to their ability to reflect explosives.

With this weapon, you can get the following style bonuses:

  • FRIED by killing enemies with the fire.

A bug I discovered with the oil happens with different surfaces, where the sliding and momentum preservation of the oil stays on the ground after it disappears, which got me killed.

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