Ratopia – How to Reduce Damage for Hunters

Tips to Reduce Damage for Hunters

  • You can either drop the influence radius (so hunter will just hunt closer rabbits), or rotate ratizens in that job.
  • Get the +30 HP or +30% Sleep rat on that job. The former will be so beefy that can handle 2 rabbit holes. The latter will go to sleep very early so it doesn’t get knockout (Hunter job already have +30% sleep and it stacked).
  • Or you get a rat with very high STR so it kill the rabbit quicker before took too much damage.
  • If you put in a 3 attack power rat itll do enough dps to basically never get knocked down. Until i get a strong enough rat i just do the hunting myself lol. Club 2 rabbits and drop em off, takes a few seconds.
  • There is also a hospital, which gives +50 HP to wounded rats when visited by them. Although this is what I consider a mid to late game building since it requires a supporting supply chain.
  • Also the medi-beds will let rats auto rescue but you’ll need a few in case one, or more, is off duty when your hunters go down.
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