Unnamed Space Idle – Beginner’s Guide for Crew

Guide for Crew with Useful Tips

This is a guide especially for beginners who recently unlocked the crew system and don’t know what to do. For those who may already have some crew experiences and just want to know about the meta to skill masteries, I recommend Crew Guide (First 11 Mastery Points).

For all others, one thing right at start: do not prestige if you are on a mastery run (more details later)!

Thus said, mastery runs should be high on your priority list even as a beginner.

You can do a few “test-runs” to get used to the system, but as soon as you feel comfortable, you should really focus on mastery runs, as this will help you A LOT further on.

Feel free to Prestige as much as you want during your test runs, but once you start a mastery run, Prestige is a BIG NoNo until you’ve finished the mastery point. (which might be for several days on your first run)

Let’s first have a look at the crew:

Each crew member you want to level, needs a biosleeve.

You start with 3 bioslaves, and more biosleeves are generated automatically after some increasing time. The 4th one will spawn after 3 hours, then 6h, 12h, 24h, 48h, 96h (4 days) – all following 96h (cap)

So if you don’t want to waste all your time, be careful with your sleeves.

This timer will reset on Prestige, but Prestige will also delete all your progress (more later). So again: You don’t want to Prestige at all during your runs, if aiming for masteries (which should be absolutely your first goal at all, as masteries will make your future crew leveling much easier and faster.

You also have 2 abilities per crew member to level, depending on the crew member itself. For example “Energy Technician” got “Engineering” and “Acumen”.

Further you see some perks you can skill once you got points. And your Mastery Progress bar.

See also this picture:

Up to your first mastery point:

How do we do that? Points are collected by leveling the skills. Every skill level, we get 1 point.

If we retire a crew member, the collected points are kept, and we can level the next crew member, and so on, until we have 500 points together.

Be careful to RETIRE once you want to cash in the points – NOT Prestige.

Simple math for leveling time:

You can do in theory:

  • 1 Biosleeve – For 500 points (500 combined level of both skills), which is impossible for now
  • 2 Biosleeves – For 250 points each – one of the 3 start biosleeves
  • 3 Biosleeves – For 167 points each – one of the 3 start biosleeves
  • 4 Biosleeves – For 125 points each – after 3 hours
  • 5 Biosleeves – For 100 points each – after 9 hours (3+6) – up until here, all are basically not realistic doable or recommended
  • 6 Biosleeves – For 84 points each – after 21 hours (3+6+12) <- THIS IS OUR GOAL
  • 7 Biosleeves – For 72 points each – after 45 hours (3+6+12+24)
  • 8 Biosleeves – For 63 points each – after 93 hours (3+6+12+24+48)
  • 9 Biosleeves – For 56 points each – after 151 hours (3+6+12+24+48+96)
  • 10 Biosleeves – For 50 points each – after 285 hours (3+6+12+24+48+96+96) ~12days

And so on…

Our goal is to master one point per day:

  • So we would need to work with 6 sleeves. We got 3 from the start, plus we want to use the 3, 6 and 12 hour dudes.
  • So in other words: 84 points per sleeve is our goal.
  • Just saying – but for now you might be far away from that, so just go as far as you can go with each sleeve and collect as many points as you can. Repeat until you got your 500 points together.
  • It might be a few days instead of just one for now, but once you turn in your 1st mastery point, you should (highly recommended) put it in “starting with 3 additional sleeves”, you will “work” with 9 sleeves from now on (3 start, 3 from chosen mastery perk, plus 3,6 and 12 hours).
  • So you are fine with 56 points per sleeve, which should be doable.
  • Once you start a new crew member, the earned buffs from before will be applied to them.

The next perks you should unlock, are the x30 EXP traits, which make the next crew leveling even more convenient.

And remember:

Once more said, that Prestige will RESET ALL PROGRESS of individual crew members. So think twice before you start, as you may not want to Prestige for a few days on your first run(s).

The permanent perks based on your highest rank and/or traits being unlocked by mastery points, are of course NOT reset by Prestige.

After some runs, and gaining your first masteries, you will level A LOT faster, and you can Retire faster and reach higher level. One mastery point per day is easy doable then. You just need to overcome the first grinds to 500 and also skill wisely after that, or else you will have to do the same grind again – obviously.

So there are still those “Rank Points” – What’s about them?

These points are for your own choice and have nothing to do with leveling the crew. You can spent them like you want or like you actually need at that moment. You can’t even make any bigger mistakes, as these points are also reset on Prestige.

Last thing is your “Rank”:

You rank up after a certain amount of skill level ups.

Every couple of rank ups, same as skill ups, you get a perk unlocked (see “Upgrades” tab).

These perks are permanent and do NOT reset and are based on your highest rank reached in every category.

How (in which order) to spent mastery points:

If you are wondering which perks you should unlock in which order, then i recommend once more to read the guide i mentioned at start of mine.

Final Tip:

Before you Retire (or even Prestige despite the loss of progress), you should check your levels – maybe some of them are short before gaining a new level for rank-perks. So it might be worth to stay a bit longer in this run.

Thank you for your time and I hope this little tutorial was helpful to you.

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