Unnamed Space Idle – Gameplay Tips for Sector (75-80)

Useful Tips for Sector (75-80)

When pushing through this section of the game, the order of what to focus on is roughly like this:

Use the new 150x Crew xp bonus on the Battle Cruiser to reach Rank 420 and at least 2400 on every Crew Stat upgrade (2500 is reasonably possible on non-acumen).

Push the new Core and Synth Capital bonuses up a little bit (Don’t forget to get a little Compute to help your fighters). You can come back to them later.

When you aren’t running Synth, push Fixtures. Spend all your Synth Points on the cheaper Fixture Speed and Ship Damage/Shield upgrades.

Make sure you fully grind out the Capital Shard. Generally good to do so in the highest sector you can one-shot the enemy capital ship in. The Battle Shard found in 77-78A should also be maxed out eventually.

When you unlock the new Warp tab, spend your cores slowly as your power/warp essence gain increases. Spend EVERYTHING on Capital Battle Improvement. Push your Base up best as you can before doing so.

At some point, you’ll get your Capital module to 9/10 or 10/10. You can stop prestiging entirely at this point, since the only setup of Crew left to run should be Warp, assuming your Base is high enough.

By the end you should have a max or near max Capital Module, a max Capital shard, and something near 14 levels in both Capital Cores.

Shot Scaling:

Damage increases by 1.2x per shot, so the breakeven on damage is 5. Go with scaling if you’re taking more than 5 shots to kill something.

Spreadsheet is per shot scaling, then sum scaling, then per shot top node, then sum top node.

I hope you found this helpful!

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