Unnamed Space Idle – Base 1 Guide

USI Guide to Tier 1 Base with Helpful Tips

The Base is a mechanic that is unlocked after clearing Sector 13. This word guide shows how to use it most efficiently.

This is what the original locked / unlocked slot table looks like.

Notes on Booster

Makes Adjacent Slots Better

It is suggested to level the boost ASAP, as it is an extremely powerful unit. One of the few things that must be remarked is that the booster is a multiplicative buff, not an additive one.

So, the generation of this formation:

  • Building Material – 10×1.5 / Booster – x1.5 / Building Material – 10×2.25 / Booster – x 1.5

Is better than this:

  • Building Material – 10×1.5 / Booster – x1.5 / Booster – x1.5 / Building Material – 10×1.5

General rules:

Unless you are trying to buy for new slots / upgrades, it is suggested that you keep your Building Material at the lowest possible positive and Battle Components at the highest.

This will refer to the slot table.

Here are the best Booster – Producer (Generally both of the Material and Component).

No Bought Slots – Refer above.

  • After buying Locked Slot for e3
  • After buying Locked Slots for e4
  • After buying Locked Slots for e6
  • After buying Locked Slots for e8
  • After buying Locked Slots for e10
  • After buying Locked Slot for e12

Further Notes

Despite all value calculations, these were made with >2x booster multis in mind. If this you have not in fact made it that far, here are the changes to make optimal values.

  • e3: Reverse left side, 1 booster and 2 generators are better.
  • e4: Same as e3, reversing the left side will generate marginally better resources.
  • e6: Same build, no changes.
  • e8: Check both reversed and normal builds, as both can work better with certain booster amounts in mind. If you are closer to x2 boosters it is still suggested to follow the guide.
  • e10: Same build, boosters are now spread enough to make more even with blocks in mind.
  • e12: Same build, boosters are now spread enough to make more even with blocks in mind.

The cutoff point occurs when you can triple boost a Building Material with a booster level 5 (x1.73205). Beyond that point, you should proceed as shown in the pictures.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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  1. It is very inefficient to combine the production of building mats and b-comp upgrades during normal play, particularly if you are autobuying b-comp upgrades.

    If you concentrate on creating mats the entire time and only transition to producing B-comps in the final 15-20% of your run, you will be miles ahead of the competition.

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