Unnamed Space Idle – 2BCL Laser Build (Best vs Shielded Enemies)

2 Beam, 2 Charge, 2 Laser vs Enemies Like S99/100 (R4 EoC)

Since the introduction of void lure the old meta build 6xCL lost its advantage of fastest killing speed. So this build is focusing more on pushing power, especially vs shielded enemies like the current EoC sectors 99 and 100. I can’t claim it’s the best build out there, but I got very good results with it and would expect it as one of the best builds vs shielded enemies.

Biggest weakness is vs phased enemies which are usually armored. There you need the 20x overkill damage and laser only deals 25% to armored. Replacing one beam laser with disruption charge can greatly improve that situation, even so you will lose dps in shield sectors.

In general laser builds are stronger vs shielded enemies, while kinetic builds are stronger vs armored enemies.

Update: This build was published as 2G2C2L, but 2 beams turned out to be better than 2 gatlings against strong enemies. While gatlings are able to kill more enemies than beams, their overall dps and range is smaller when trying to push. This is also because of a lot of wasted shots with gatlings if they aren’t able to oneshot enemies.

To get the best results the 2 modules “Laser Boost Automator” and “Shield Boost Automator” have to be activated.

Slot 1&2: Beam Laser

Slot 3&4: Charge Laser

Slot 5&6: Laser Canon

Shield Slot 1&2: Bulk Generator

If you want to give this a try:

  • Make a backup of your game.
  • Retrofit to 2x beam, 2x charge, 2x laser, 2x bulk
  • Import the loadout 2BCL (below).
  • Load the core.
  • Activate the 2 modules “Laser Boost Automator” and “Shield Boost Automator”.

Loadout 2BCL:


Video of 2BCL build with Damage Meter:

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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