Unnamed Space Idle – Gameplay Tips for Sector (1-21)

Useful Tips for Sector (1-21)

  • Starting weapons once you have 3: Laser Beam slot 1 and Laser Cannon slot 2&3 is best at start.
  • Having Laser Cannons on bottom specs to support, as it allows you to perma upkeep the Laser Boost ability and you melt shields with beam.
  • Starting Synth Purity/challenge indicator: Get Tier 2 (green) to +1 output or near infinite atleast for more speed/output.
  • To beat the challenge, most focus on making your combat modules and stack up all materials after.
  • Synth slot unlocks: Research, Synth points shop and Warp Drive

Enemy Health and Weapon Types:

There are 2 health types in the game: hull (yellow health bar), and armor (red health bar). In addition, enemies can have shield (blue bar).

Damage modifiers that specify one health type does not affect the others.

Weapon types have different modifiers against specific health types.

Laser Weapons:

  • Deals 100% damage to hull, 25% damage to armor, 100% damage to shield.

Kinetic Weapons:

  • Deals 100% damage to hull, 100% damage to armor, 60% damage to shield

Shield regeneration can be prevented with beam weapons.

How to Get to Sector 21

Here is a optimal ship guide…


  • Loadout 1: 2.0 Newest Weapon/1.0 Laser Cannon/1.0 Laser Cannon
  • Loadout 2: 2.0 Beam Laser/1.0 Laser Cannon/1.0 Laser Cannon

Heavy Cruiser

  • Slot 1: Main DPS, Slot 2: Secondary DPS or Support, Slot 3 & 4: Support.
  • Loadout 1: 2.0 Newest Unlocked Weapon/1.0 Beam Laser/1.0 Gatling Laser/1.0 Laser Cannon
  • Loadout 2: 2.0 Newest Unlocked Weapon/1.0 Beam Laser/1.0 Laser Cannon/1.0 Laser Cannon
  • Permanent Laser Boost Config:
  • Kinetic Cannon Bottom Path: 4
  • Beam Laser Bottom Path: 2/4/5
  • Gatling Laser Bottom Path: 2/4/5
  • Laser Cannon Bottom Path: 2/3/4/5

Position of weapons matter – Slots 3 and 4 are positioned behind 1 and 2 and lose range as they are below the 0 Range marker, meaning they take slightly longer to detect enemies and have more travel time. Position your DPS weapons in Slots 1 and 2.

Support weapons (bottom path of Core Upgrades) assist with permanent Laser Boost uptime, and contribute more overall damage than dedicated DPS weapons for their slot.

Tier 1.0 Weapons can carry you until s28 with enough Salvage, and it is inadvisable to switch to all Tier 2.0 Weapons immediately as you lose out on the Core upgrades. 6e20 Salvage is required to reach level 110 of 2.0 Core upgrades and unlock all upgrades. If you don’t have 2.0 Weapons, use the 1.0 Weapons, the types of weapons are still the same.

  • For shields, Double Bulk Generators are ideal in most cases, and 2.0 should be used as soon as you unlock them.
  • For pushing to new Sectors, place Battle Shard in Red, Salvage Shard in pink, and Damage Target Shard in Blue.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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