V Rising – How to Pick the Right Horse

Picking a Horse Guide

This guide will help you pick the right horse to turn into your vampiric steed.

Introduction: You’ve beaten the Bandit King and are ready to go to Dunley. Lots of horses in Dunley, you’re sure to pick the right one for you. You look, and find one you’re happy with. You ride it into battle. It dies, and you have to farm for a new one. Too bad, you should have waited until you got Dominate Mount form.

So, you’ve just upgraded your castle to Level 4 and are finally ready to farm. Here’s what to look for.

Each horse has three stats:

  • Speed: Your horse’s top speed. Nothing more need be said. Maximum value 11.0
  • Acceleration: The amount of time it takes after galloping to reach top speed. The higher the value, the less time it takes. Ideally you want a high value for those tense moments when you’re surrounded and your only option is to get out-fast. Remember, being hit once can knock you off, so you want to reach that top speed real fast. Maximum value is 7
  • Rotation Speed: Mounted movement works differently than regular movement. You are unable to strafe, for those keys are the only ways you can turn your horse around. The faster your rotation speed, the easier those tight corners will be, so you want that as high as possible. Maximum value is 14.

For the purpose of this guide, we will be treating each stat as equally important. So, your maximum values are 11, 7, and 14 respectively. So, in order to find a good horse, you’re going to have to do a bit of math.

Here is the equation that you will be running into a calculator (until you are adept enough that you can do it yourself, it’s easier than it looks):

A = (11 - X) + (7 - Y) + (14 - Z)
  • X is your horse’s top speed.
  • Y is your horse’s acceleration.
  • Z is your horse’s rotation speed.

As an example, let’s look at my horse’s stats in the above pic. As you can see, my horse has a top speed of 11, an acceleration of 6.5, and a rotation speed of 13.8. If we plug this into the equation, we get the following:

A = (11 - 11) + (7 - 6.5) + (14 - 13.8)

First we do the brackets:

11 - 11 = 0
7 - 6.5 = 0.5
14 - 13.8 = 0.2

Now we add those values together:

A = 0 + 0.5 + 0.2 = 0.7

So my horse’s final score, or “A”, is 0.7. That’s very good.

If you want to ensure you can get the best horse you can, you’ll want to farm for a horse with a final score of 1 or below. So, for instance, if my horse’s rotation speed was 13.4 instead of 13.8, I would not have picked that horse for enchanting, because the final score would be 1.1.

That’s it. Not sure what else to say. Have fun!

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