Warframe – Rank 8 Mastery Test Guide

This is a Rank 8 Mastery Test Guide.

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Rank 8 Mastery Test Guide

Do your best. Jump at the peak of the previous jump. Dont run off the edge. Remember to start at the Back of the Platform.

  • First platform: single jump, then ctlr-jump 60-70 degrees.
  • Second platform: double jump only.
  • Third platform: single, then ctlr-jump 45 degrees.
  • Fourth platfrom: single from crouch ctlr-jump 45 degrees.
  • Fifth platform: jump, ctlr-jump 45 degrees, wall jumps. Remember to let go of space then reengage the button.
  • Sixth platfrom: single jump.
  • Seventh platorm: jump, ctlr-jump 30 degrees.
  • Eighth platform: jump, ctlr-jump 45 degrees.

Written by Tr4kt


  1. what do you mean with ‘wall jump’ ? Which buttons (and I mean the function they are mapped to)

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