Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Basic Combat Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Draylin!

Brief guide to the basics for Warhammer 40,000 Darktide. Here we will go over some of the basics as well as things I’ve learned while playing.

Guide to Combat Basics

Combat Basics

Alright then lads, This here guide is from a former hive ganger and now a loyal member of the guard. While many of you may think this is just a easy milk run for the sops up top think again. We’re going to go over the karkan basics of fight right?

First up is Dodging

Sounds easy right? But many don’t seem to know you can dodge while blocking as well as aiming down your sights of your rifle, Don’t get pinned against a wall or swarmed all alone and dodging will become your new mate.

Second is Blocking

Right so I know blocking is simple right but some of you lads as well as myself forget to block! And we get smacked harrd for it, So take a moment when you’re cutting through heretics to think! Maybe a block here will save me from getting knocked down.

Third is Crouching

This one is simple enough you squat down right? No you need to be tactical with this and look around there is cover everywhere! So don’t just squat in the middle of the road if you can get behind some cover, When you’re sprinting slide into cover. You’ll avoid getting hit and be close enough to swing over the cover with your melee.

Fourth is Mantling

You see that cover? Mantle over it and get into the thick of it! Not that hard but sometimes we forget right? So make sure you carry yourself over that cover with your allies in mind because you don’t want to charge in and get shot up by your own mates.

Fifth is Friendly Fire

Try not to shoot the big man, He’s doin his best and tryin to keep us alive alright?

Sixth Ammo

Try to be mindful of the ammo you have as well as your allies and you can see a gauge of how well off your allies are on the left side of the hud down by the names. You’ll see a triple bullet icon and it will change colors depending on how your team mates ammo is holding up. If they’re in the orange they need it a hell of a lot more than you, When you’re sitting near full. So remember if you share the ammo more heretics will fall aye?

Seventh is Grimoire & Scriptures

Look for these things when you’re in the field while they may take a bit of your health when you carry two grimoire but the reward at the end may feel worth it but gauge your squad if a hit like this will cause them to all drop then maybe leave it for another time. Scriptures on the other hand don’t hurt and only take up one slot in your war gear so keep an eye out for the holy books.

Eighth is Team Work

Your squad can overcome the heretics with ease if you keep a level head and make sure your squad knows what is going on, That means marking high value targets and calling out ammo and medi kits. You’re not a one man army no matter what the voices tell ya you’re a member of a squad so keep them in mind and use them to purge the heretics the best you can. Try not to go off on your own because you get weaker on your own than when you’re in care of your squad.

Ninth is Listening

You can tell where the mutant is by listening to their stomping as well as the bombers but also when you’re in melee if you listen close you can hear a sound that is alerting you of an enemy striking you from your blind spot, Listen close and you’ll never be caught off guard. Try to keep your ears open and don’t deafen them, You’ll be able to sense things coming ahead of time as long as you can hear.

Tenth is Sight

Keep an eye on your HuD because you can see when an enemy’s area of attack is when they hit you. a flash will show up giving you the rough spot as to where they are so make sure to either look and shoot that way or take bloody cover!

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