Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Come Prepared Challenge (Mission Of Mercy)

How to Complete Come Prepared Challenge

For this challenge, you have to bring 3 barrels to the end event as a team and use them on the final event to blow up the 3 objectives instead of the event spawned barrels.


This challenge is very similar o the “Powder Monkey” challenge in Helmgart category. The only difference is you can do this challenge on every difficulty, instead of Powder Monkey’s Legend and Cataclysm only.

You can find a lot of barrels during the run in the map. Make sure you bring at least 3 of them to the final event.

Keep the barrels you are bringing along safe by fighting in a place away from where you chucked the barrels at.

Recruit is recommended for the lower spawns and weaker enemies. Getting hit by the enemies while carrying a barrel ignites it, so we are trying to keep the barrels safe.

Having 4 people in your team makes it easier to carry the barrels to the end.

Only explosive barrels count, you can’t use fire barrels.

Important Note: At the moment (14.06.2023), this challenge is bugged. Even if you don’t bring a single barrel and use event barrels for all 3 objectives, everybody EXCEPT the host will get the challenge completed.

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