Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Eyes Of The Crowfather Challenge (Khazukan Kazakit-ha!)

How to Complete Eyes Of The Crowfather Challenge

To complete this challenge, you need to shoot 10 crows on the map.

If any player-bot comes close to the birds, they will fly, leaving you unable to complete the challenge.

Take your time. Missing your shots does not make them fly away.

I suggest using a hit-scan weapon or a Waystalker with the Moonfire bow (precise and you can zoom further) for this challenge.

Important Note: Using a shotgun to kill the crows counts as more than one kill (3-4 kills from one bird for example). With a shotgun, you can complete this challenge killing only the first 3-4 crows. If Fatshark fixes this i will update it.

Crow #1:

Just outside the spawn, Crow #1 is on the tree stump.

Crow #2:

Just after Crow #1, Crow #2 is on top of the house of the left.

Crow #3 + Crow #4:

A bit further, Crow #3 is next to the second milestone on a skeleton, while Crow #4 is on top of the tree to the right of the second milestone.

Crow #5:

Keep walking forward, drop down, get past the campfire and look behind the big rock in the middle. You will see Crow #5 on a tree stump.

Crow #6:

Just before the dropdown from the broken railing, Crow #6 is on the rope.

Crow #7:

After you go through the doorway to the bridge event, Crow #7 is between some stone tiles on the right side of the house.

Crow #8:

Just after the bridge event, Crow #8 is on top of the lantern on the fence.

Crow #9:

After climbing up the steep hill, you will see a pipe on the right side, Crow #9 is on it.

Crow #10:

Near the broken pipe objective, Crow #10 is on top of a wooden platform-tent.

After you shoot all 10 crows, you will complete the challenge.

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