Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Guide to Easy Convocation of Decay

If Convo is getting you down, here’s a strategy that makes it easier.

How to Easy Convocation of Decay

The End Event Is Bugged

Frequently, the game will throw chaos warrior waves at you repeatedly, at the end event. This is why the event sometimes is a disaster.

However, there is a good spot you can use to make it significantly easier. I had a bugged cata event, today, and this spot saved the run. It’s solid.

The Good Spot

I’m at the entrance of the event area. Look ahead to where I’m aiming. See those rocks that look like two steps? It’s sitting in the fog. A torch is sitting in front of the first step. That’s it.

This is what it looks like to stand on it. You are not safe up here, so be sure to use the width of the rock to dodge and play keep away.

Why’s It Good?

This rock is right next to respawn points, if anyone died.

Enemies have to climb twice to reach you. Sometimes they will only climb once, and then attack you. Be sure to move around and use the width of the platform to encourage them to climb a second time.

If the central area is out of control, jump off and head towards that rock. Fight as a team there and keep them from taking the rock. When it’s clear, you can attempt to take back the central area.

One Last Thing

When a sorcerer dies, your progress is saved. The progress meter cannot deplete past that saved point. So don’t worry about losing progress, sometimes it is a necessary sacrifice.

Written by Ghoul Hunter

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