Tarisland – Quick Guide to Barbarian Fighter Builds

Barbarian Fighter Builds (PVE / PVP)

Tank Build

Notice: Gear is suboptimal, focus is glancing until 38-40% then remainder into DPS – rune focus can be survival/defense but can easily run offensive runes for extra DPS, resonance focus for extra uptime on ultimate.

Runes that are cut off at the bottom(first one you obtain) are currently Tribal Ode (owl) and Barrier Guard (the W symbol). But they are interchangable in placement.

Note: This class easily has enough defense and health to tank without much need to focus so much into defensive stats. I’m still experimenting with ‘how far’ we can build offensively before it becomes an issue.

Talents / Inscription Stones / Stats

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DPS Build

Notice: Gear is sub optimal, focus is combo/strength on gear, combo/class specialization for inscribe stone until combo 38-40% and then focus specialization, all offensive runes.

Note: It’s fairly straight forward, full combo/strength for stats and combo/class specialization for your inscribe stone, strength as secondary stat on gear is good.

Talents / Inscription Stones / Stats

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PVP Frozen Tank

Notice: Gear is sub optimal, everything defense, glancing/omni focus.

Note: This tank does not die in pvp vs 2 dps more often than not. With help of other dps, if the opposing healer is killed and your team mates die, you will win any 2v1 fight against 2 dps almost guaranteed unless they outplay you. Is unable to kill healers but can paralyze -> stun healers to assist dps team mates with burst.

Talents / Inscription Stones / Stats

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That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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