100% Orange Juice – 10 Matches per DLC Character / Level 10 Co-Op Roles Achievements

As it says in the title, complete those pesky long-term achievements while getting yourself to level 10 in each role in Co-Op mode, as quickly as possible (and without playing a bunch of slow matches online).

How to Grind The 10 Matches per DLC Character Achievements and Level 10 Co-Op Roles Achievements Altogether, Very Quickly!

So, What is This Guide All About?

Primarily, while writing this guide, I just thought it may prove itself useful to farm XP for the roles without playing and winning multiple Co-Op matches slowly online (for the XP to even compensate the time and effort, that is), so that you can help out more efficiently everyone else too. After all, there are specific role abilities and hyper cards for such roles (the former being quintessential for a proper attempt on any higher difficulty boss, sometimes for you to even have a chance at all, like against the Swimming Coach).

Getting the remaining achievements for number of matches should be seen in the end as a great bonus, but nonetheless, as it is the most time consuming thing you will do in this game otherwise, I shall give it the spotlight it deserves and make it the main goal instead ( considering I finished most achievement for every character way before ever reaching 10/10 matches played with each, with rare tricky exceptions).

I’ll be quick and make this very short and easy to follow. But I do encourage you to try getting the specific playstyle achievements for each character and trying each character out, and just using this guide to get the remaining numbers you didn’t farm normally (some can take 10 attempts or more to work out anyway, you would be wasting some extra time if achievement-hunting and starting with this.

The Method

Without further ado, these are the requirements:

  • Any character at all, all on Attacker role preferentially (this will accelerate the process dramatically), the frailer, the better, the bigger REC stats the most efficient.
  • Something to press down shift+control in your keyboard during the matches.
  • The seagull boss himself in all of his bully glory.

Go to Single Player, go to Custom (the chicken option), select Co-Op Mode, and pick Big the Jonathan, Hyper Difficulty.

Organize your party with a bunch of frail characters and/or with bad REC of your liking, all on Attacker role… unless you want to farm a specific role, in that case, put your character in that role, and SOLELY your character (Attackers have way less chances of saving themselves from KOs compared to any other roles, even Avenger).

Then pick up cards that won’t be useful to you or that will at least do some cheap quick damage to the boss (traps that can potentially KO your team are okay too, like Mimyuu’s Hammer), even cards that you won’t be able to use at all, if you want. From there, just press Shift+Control for 5x speed boost (5x faster than super fast as far as I’m concerned). Click when needed to move and battle, only click evade/ the negative point of your character stats, sabotage yourself without thinking too much.

Hell, go watch a livestream, a movie, listen to some music, do anything on the background while clicking through this in light speed to get yourself killed. Everything is fair game, since this can be a bit boring to do this, but at least it won’t fatigue you with hundreds of hours of “normally played matches”, particularly because playing online is so much slower than what you can do Single Player.

The role experience is gained even through loss, albeit slowly (and the amount is also based on how many chapters have passed, even if you can’t seem to kill yourself as fast as you hoped, you will at least be boosting your XP anyway).

Overall Purposes

Now for a quick Strawman Q&A, which is basically just me assuming stuff that could have been asked:

“Why not just play the game normally and unlock this progressively?”

Unless you are absolutely in love with every single character and playstyle of this game and want to play them all with friends/online or alone (which is unlikely, albeit possible, as playstyles can vary WILDLY), you probably won’t find much use for this guide, and to that I can only say “my bad”.

This is but a suggestion for people not wanting to do the exhaustive/long-term normal way (which I attempted as well). If you want to do this with just the characters you didn’t enjoy playing with, it’s absolutely fine too. I’m just pointing directions if that is to be the case. Won’t be the same for the considerably big portion of people that love playing this game at least some times in a week, you do as you may prefer!

“I see, and why this boss in particular?”

Because he goes directly solo and hard on you and waste no time with minions or slowly buffing itself up in one way or another, his AOE attacks also have a chance of wiping your party in the very first chapters of the match. The infamous “7gulls” are also the only enemy panel unit on the map, and they can wipe you out very easily as well. The game at one point could even try helping you survive with some unbelievably lucky and convenient rolls for revive and evade, but this is Hyper Difficulty, it won’t take long (some of my matches barely took 3 minutes, while I was listening to a song around that same length).

“Is there a Non-DLC way to farm this boss and WIN just as fast, given that I have the right resources? While still farming both roles and matches (for the DLC characters I actually have)?”

There is, indeeed! And it worked at least 2-3 times out of each of my remaining matches on Hyper with every character I tested, and playing completely mindlessly (…with the Attacker role at the very least, the other roles for the player character could completely change those odds, as well as how much you are actually trying to win, which in my case was not the goal at all).

The “Player Winning While Still Doing Brainless Acts” Alternative Method

For that you will need:

  • Tomomo (the selectable nerfed boss version).

To unlock her, finish all basic campaigns on Casual (dice are rigged to your advantage for the most part, just shift+control your way through those too and enjoy the story while at it). Then complete her special campaign episode Tomomo Hell (in the Extra campaign, Poppo’s in the selection screen). You will be able to buy her at the Shopping screen.

  • Some good number of specific cards I’ll leave listed in here with a random character as an example.

Select your character and role of choice and use these cards:

Then select three Tomomos as Attackers (if you really want to risk it and maybe take a bit more time with this, use Avengers, or a mix of both). Either they will eventually annihilate the match by themselves while you keep getting yourself mindlessly killed at one point, or they will lose much quicker than that, due to their horrible REC.

You will very likely get yourself an achievement for this Hyper boss incredibly easily without even using any positive mixers. And while farming that sweet Role XP and the numbered fights. But of course, it requires you to do quite a bit of grinding. I recommend doing this after acquiring all discounts in the shop by playing online normally beforehand. While you are doing all this, you will likely get a LOT of stars to buy yourself all the available cards and useful dupes. All cards I’ve put in there are non-DLC, at that. So just chill and have some fun preparing for when the time comes!

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