Valheim – How to Enable Creative Mode

This guide will show you how to enable the developer console, and what to type into it to play creatively in Valheim.

Creative Mode Guide

As of update 0.148.6 the developer console is disabled by default so you’ll first have to enable it.

  • Open the game’s properties in Steam (either right click the game’s name or use the gear icon on the game’s page)
  • Under General, in Launch Options type “-console”

The developer’s console should now be enabled ingame.

Console Commands

Load into whatever world you want to free-build in.

  • Press F5.
  • Type “devcommands” to enable commands ingame.
  • Type “debugmode” to enable debugmode.

  • Close the console and press B to enable Creative Mode building, you should see a notice right below your hotbar saying “No placement cost:True”

Debug mode Controls:

  • B: Enable/Disable freebuild.
  • Z: Fly.
  • K: Kills all enemies.

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