New World – How and Where to Find Resources

This is a guide what I know so far. About where to find iron fibre and such.

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This is how iron looks like.


This is how you get fiber. hemp plants and this is how ther looks like. and you find them in the grassland.

Green Wood

Well this should not be that hard haha. but this is where you get wood from. they are like everywhere.


This is how stone looks like. well its called boulder.

Dead Tree

Dead tree is green wood too. its just another way to get it.


Bush is agein a another way to get green wood. but you wont get as much if you havest it from dead wood or bigger tree’s.


Flint can you find like every where. most found in woods.


Horney can be found on tree’s but i am not sure where exacly.


This is how Silver looks like. Found in hills.

Written by DarkWingDuckYT


  1. you should add the 2 crops from the hermit area that you can find along the river, you get a lot of it and it can be used in weak mana + hp potions which also helps in levelling up arcana. i forgot what they’re called, sorry

  2. Might add a photo of Herbs (the purple lavendar-looking plants everywhere) which are used to make weak healing potions, and Briars which are located near most water sources and are used to make Weak Mana Potions.

  3. there is a fishing quest line that at a point that allows you to find worms from bushes to use as fishing bait so bushes becomes more resourceful to harvest

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