Don’t Starve Together – New Achievements of The Gorge (Gorge Mastery)

This guide is about the achievements of The Gorge.

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Never Satisfied

Escape without satisfying any cravings.

This achievement can be achieved if you do everything very quickly and competently. First we make ingredients for Stone soups (12). During the game we will do it very much. Thus, we collect 7 foliage (6 near the entrance and 1 behind the fence, twist the camera), 8 stones, and 5 berries. Then instead of berries we will use potatoes. Stone soup can be served in all cases except snacks and soup. Fish soup (05) is suitable for the first dish, so you can easily make from 2 foliage and one fish. After that we serve Stone Soups, and as soon as possible put salt (Also you need to prepare 3 flour). Now our task is to get a large Cookpot and a large Casserole Dish from safes, so time will go very quickly, and opening the gate and buying them from the seller is very expensive and long. If we get a set for collecting Syrup, then we take from this safe only plates and saucers. We need to serve Meat Stew (32) as soon as possible.

This is the best recipe in this situation, you must serve the dish on a plate and watch it to be very fresh. And do not serve it when the desire is “meat” or “soup.” Otherwise, you will be given instead of 1 gold a little unnecessary blue coins and you can start again.

After receiving the gold, we need to wait for the dessert (If you submit dishes that are on the way out, then we get 1 blue instead of the rainbow), it’s best to serve a bit of the Stone Soup (12), right after the dessert we need to make 3 Wellington beef (64) with a plate. So by this time we need to be able to get 6 bifalos meat (Kill 3 bifalos), have 3 flours (Prepared earlier) and 3 mushrooms.

This is the best recipe for the exit, tested by many attempts 🙂
Finally, as soon as you serve this dish three times, you will have 3 favours and 30,000 experiences of yours 🙂

Tree Hugger

Escape without harvesting any logs.

Attention! From the very beginning, take the axe very far.

We need to go out for as few meals as possible, because with fuel we will be strained (you can not cut down trees!) You can pick up two woods near the base, throw them into the fire, too. Take it: WX78, Wikerbotom, Wes.
(Do not forget that after 1 dish we run after salt).
(WX78 should collect branches from the very beginning of the game).

Initially, the WX78 runs after the branches. Not taking into account those that are in the forest, you will collect about 20. “Fertilizer from Bifalo” drowns like 1 wood, rot like 1 branch. We also drown the tablets. The task of WX78 is to collect the branches and run after the salt. Wickerbotom – “fertilizer from bifalo” and tablets.

First we prepare Stone soup (12) and Potato soup (08). Now we collect 2 Leaflets for Meatballs (10)or for Fish Soup (05). After that, serve 3 dishes and make Jam (21), serve it. Open the park and make Tomato soup(26). We get the gold and prepare 3 dishes on the way out.

And all the 20000 experience.

Killing Spree

Escape with all cooked meals having one or more meat ingredients (Meat Scraps, Salmon, Meat, or Crab Meat.

Here we will need from the very beginning of the game Wes, to save a lot of money on meat and fish, so we take it.

And so, that’s what’s going on according to the wishes of The Gorge:

  • Snack – Fishball Skewers(09), Fishball Skewers (10), Meat Skewers (11), Slider (20), Sausage (27), Bagel’Nfish (47), Crab Cake (59).
  • Bread – Slider (20), Hamburger (33), Fish Burger (34), Bagel’Nfish (47), Cheeseburger (52), Shooter Sandwich (61), Crab Roll (63).
  • Soup – Fish Stew (05), Meat Stew (32), Curry (37).
  • Cheese – Cheeseburger (52), Pizza (57), Crab Ravioli (65).
  • Pasta – Spaghetti And Meatballs (38), Lasagna (39), Crab Ravioli (65).
  • Only meat – Meatloaf (15), Meat Pie (19), Shepherds Pie (41), Breaded Cutlet (55), Pot Roast (58), Steak Frites (60), Bacon Wrapped Meat (62), Meat Wellington (64).
  • Only fish – Fish Pie (17), Fish And Chips (18), Fish Steak (36), Poached Fish (40), Creamy Fish (56).
  • Further there should be vegetables or dessert, but these recipes are not here, because they do not have meat or fish in the recipe. So as soon as you see one of these satisfies craving, it is better to skip it serves Meat Balls (10) or Fish Soup (05).

If you do everything right, you can leave The Gorge for 20 minutes and 20,000 experiences will be yours 🙂

Meaty Neglect

Escape without any meals cooked with meat ingredients (Meat Scraps, Salmon, Meat, or Crab Meat.

We must serve dishes without meat. Requests for “meat” and “fish” we ignore and submit, anything. It will be better to have prepared dishes to serve them. Once again, I will clarify that the essence of achievement is not to not serve meat and fish dishes, but in order not to serve dishes in which there is meat (small meat, fish, bifalo meat and crab).

Here are all the dishes that can be cooked without meat, at the request of Gorge:

  • Snack – Bread (01), Chips (02), Veggie Soup (03), Jelly Sandwich (04), Turnip Cake (06), Potato Pancakes (07), Potato Soup (08), Stone Soup (12), Croquette (13), Carrot Soup (16), Jam (21), Mashed Potatoes (24), Garlic Bread (25), Tomato Soup (26), Stuffed Mushrooms (29), Bruschetta (31), Grilled Cheese (48) , Cream Of Mushroom (49), Onion Soup (54)
  • Bread – Bread (01), Jelly Sandwich (04), Garlic Bread (25), Bruschetta (31), Mushroom Burger (35), Grilled Cheese(48), Bagel’Nfish (67)
  • Soup – Veggie Soup (03), Potato Soup (08), Stone Soup(12), Carrot Soup (16), Tomato Soup (26), Cream Of Mushroom (49), Onion Soup (54)
  • Cheese – Mac’Ncheese (46), Grilled Cheese (48), Cream Of Mushroom (49), Pierogies (50) “Beware, there are recipes of dumplings with meat”, Manicotti (51), Cheesecake (69)
  • Pasta – Mac’Ncheese(46), Manicotti (51), Fettuccine (53)
  • Vegetables and Desserts – can be any way as there is no meat or fish used
  • Fish and Meat – We just skip over, serving Stone Soup (12)

For this achievement we get 20,000 🙂

Achievement Three many Cooks

Play a 3-player match where everyone has turn to cook and complete at least two meals.

Each player (cook, farmer, and lumberjack) should cook and serve at least 2 meals. As an option, I propose:

  • 1 dish – the cook prepares a Stone Soup(12); submits
  • 2 dish – the lumberjack brings potatoes and cooks it on the cookpot; submits
  • 3 dish – the cook prepares meat and fish; submits
  • 4 dish – the farmer prepares dessert; submits
  • 5 dish – the farmer prepares tomato soup; submits
  • 6 dish – lumberjack
  • 7 dish and so on – cook

After that, you serve everything to get 3 favours and go out.

For the team work you get 5000 experience. So do not win the game alone 🙂

Snack of All Trades

Cook and complete at least one meal using a Large Grill, a Large Cookpot, a Large Casserole Dish, respectively.

Another achievement for 5000 experience. You need to give it in one game and in the right order. That beige we need to cook and serve a dish cooked in a large grill, after in a large cookpot and in a large oven. Examples:

  • Large grill: Hamburger (33), Shooter Sandwich (61), Scon (67), Fish Burger (34)
  • Large cookpot: Poached Fish (40), Fettuccine (53), Spaghetti And Meatballs (38)
  • Large oven: Spaghetti And Meatballs (55), Creamy Fish (56), Lasagna (39), Pizza (57)

There are no more restrictions here. Very important to serve and prepare in this order of stations. To make this achievement count, you must prepare and submit yourself.

Then at the end of the game you will get 5000 experience, I recommend going through this together with the “Killing Spree”, at least in the end it’s very convenient 🙂

Marked For Red and Gather Round the Sapphire

Find or earn 3 or more Sapphire Medallions in one match.

Find or earn 3 or more Red Marks in one match.

The point is to get 3 (or more) Red Marks. This is one of the easiest, so for him gives only 5000 experience. You may need more time than 10 minutes. One variation is tomato soup; pizza; trifle or cheesecake, etc.

Next comes the achievement with Sapphire Medallions. They should also be 3. The first we get from dessert, and then during the game itself turns out :). Examples of dishes: carrot cake (on a plate, 2 Sapphire); hamburger (without a plate, 2 Sapphire) and a fish burger is similar. This achievement gives 1000 experience.

We decided to unite these Achievements because you can do that in one match. In total, 6000 experience is obtained.

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