GTA 5 – Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

Everything you wanted to know about the Mobile Operations Center (‘MOC’) but were too afraid to ask.

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As you can see I got myself a few new toys, and because it seems rather hard to find some good information about the MOC (or Mobile Operations Center) I figured I might as well share a review of my own.

Although it has been somewhat “superseded” by the Terrorbyte this thing still has a solid place within the world of GTAO in my opinion. See, the MOC is the one thing which we usually don’t have access to: a good old fashioned truck. Yes: I know that there are plenty of semitrucks driving around, as well as several loaders, but that’s not my point. Before the MOC we didn’t have a real truck to drive around with in freeroam. So: a truck with a cab and a rig attached to it.

Sure: there are plenty of cabs on the road and if you look carefully you’ll also spot plenty of rigs parked around the map. But all those rigs have one thing in common: they’re all locked in place, you can’t connect them to anything even if you try. Let alone move it somewhere else…

But now we no longer have to!

What is the MOC?

The MOC, or Mobile Operations Center, is a truck which you can buy from Warstock, but only if you already own a bunker. The MOC will be stored in your bunker and can’t be used in any other property you might have. And as one could expect you can customize a lot on this thing:

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

The default cab is a Phantom Custom which you can see above, but for around 1 million extra you can replace it with the somewhat flat Hauler custom (which you see in my screenshots). The rig consists of three individual compartments (“bays”) which you can customize by assigning a specific section to it.

These are sections that are available:

  • Living quarters: a section with a few chairs and a couch to sit or sleep on. This section is rather useless in GTAO (also because you can’t sleep); at best it might serve as some decoration. Costs 145k, but it’s the default for the 1st bay.
  • Command center: this provides a few chairs which allow you to sit behind the turret controls. By default you only have a turret on the front, but using bunker research you may be able to unlock a rear turret as well. Costs 320k.
  • Weapon workshop: this allows you to customize your weapons, you can even upgrade some of your weapons to an MkII variant, which will make the weapon more powerful. Costs 245k.
  • Personal vehicle storage: this will allow you to store a personal vehicle within the MOC. The main advantage of this is that you can recall your vehicle using the context menu at any moment you’d like. See: this is usually much quicker than having your mechanic go over all your warehouses (assuming your own more). Costs 145k.
  • Weapon & vehicle workshop; this section will take up 2 bays. It allows you to upgrade your guns to MkII variants (and purchase ammo for it) and it will also allow you to modify a “weaponized” vehicle. Costs 955k.

Now, this may seem like a lot of customizing possibilities but in all honesty your options are actually limited if you plan to use the MOC for its intended purpose: giving you the ability to customize militarized or “weaponized” vehicles. If you want to customize such vehicles then you’ll need to use up 2 bays leaving you with only the front section to fill in where you have the choice between a living quarters or a command center. The living quarters consists of a few chairs and a couch, which isn’t very practical because you can’t sleep in GTAO anyway… So I think it’ll be obvious what you’d pick.

Or is it?
See, the amount of vehicles you can tune is actually quite small, only the vehicles from the gunrunner DLC can be modified:

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

As you can see your choice is actually quite limited. This is why I ended up removing the combined workshop and replacing it with a weapon workshop + personal vehicle storage. Simply because all those gunrunning vehicles don’t look very appealing to me, so I’d rather go truckin’ with my recently customized Duke ‘o’ Death:

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

See: if I really need firepower I’d rather use my fully customized Speedo custom (Nightclub delivery vehicle) instead of the gunrunner vehicles. (in short: my Speedo has a mini gun on top, proximity mines which I can drop by hitting a button and it has a grenade launcher (but only a passenger would be able to operate that)).

So What Does the MOC Do?

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

If you got the weapon & vehicle workshop then you can drive a gunrunning vehicle into the MOC after which you can customize it. Just drive up to the back, press the d-pad and the ramp will drop down and you’ll drive into the MOC (a small cutscene is shown). Next just stay in the vehicle, press the right d-pad (on a controller) and you’ll be taken into the workshop where you can customize almost anything you want.

Of course you should be aware that you won’t be able to change everything, some weapons for example will need to be unlocked through bunker research first:

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

Still, if you have some gunrunner vehicles then this can definitely be fun. I’m quite happy with my new customized dune buggy.

Keep in mind that the workshop is not a proper storage! So: if you have a personal vehicle in the workshop and you go out of the MOC to request another personal (or special) vehicle then you’ll find your workshop empty the next time you enter. That’s because the workshop isn’t a real storage, so even if a vehicle is “parked” here than it still can’t ignore the “one personal vehicle active at a time” rule. If you want a true storage then you’ll need the “personal vehicle storage” bay.


GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

The command center provides you access to a turret (one (in front) is installed by default, the one at the rear needs to be unlocked through… you guessed it: bunker research) and also some missions (you can see the control panel on the right wall):

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

Unfortunately these are all 2 player missions and since I usually play alone I haven’t had an opportunity to try them out (to be honest I also don’t think I’m missing out on much).

Keep on Truckin’

Now, sure, if you read all this then I’m positive that you might think that the MOC is sorta limited, maybe even bad? It’s a weapon & vehicle workshop at best, but a weapon workshop is also available in your CEO office, MC clubhouse and in the Terrorbyte. And the amount of cars which you can customize is kinda low so… what good is this thing?

Well.. seriously? It can be a ton of fun! Especially if you also purchased the Phantom wedge:

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

This thing can get you through traffic really fast, and with the MOC attached to it there’s almost nothing stopping you 🙂 … sorta. You’ll be safer in a Terrorbyte, but even so I definitely think there’s a coolness factor to consider here. Try parking this thing backwards into a street!

But because this is still a rig you can easily park it somewhere and then you’ll have your command center right where you need it:

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

Don’t forget: in my situation there’s also a personal vehicle inside, my weapons workshop (so I can always grab Mk II ammo if I need to) and of course the command center so that I can zap players if they come too close.

I already tried parking this in the Senora desert after which I wrecked some havoc in the surrounding area with my Duke. Once I noticed that some Mk II weapons ran low on ammo I simply drove back to the MOC and I was ready for another round in no time.

Sure, the Terrorbyte can also do all of that (and the Oppressor is more powerful than my Duke) but that’s why I mentioned a coolness factor above.

Keep in mind though, the MOC is quite big so it can sometimes be a little tricky to drive:

GTA 5 - Mobile Operations Center (MOC) Guide

The cab (I used the Phantom Wedge here) is fully hidden “behind” the rig 😉

Summing Up…

If it’s functionality you want then the MOC can help because it allows you to modify weaponized vehicles within your bunker. However…the amount you can customize is very low and that makes the MOC a little mediocre for that in my opinion.

Especially if you also keep the price in mind. I’d definitely recommend to pick this up during a sale of some sort (which is what I did) and then fill out the bays at a later time when you can afford it (or when you want to).

But if you enjoy driving around with a big bad American’ truck (you can even paint your MOC more patriotic if you want to!) then this can be plenty of fun. Also because you can summon the MOC just like you can do with the Terrorbyte.

And as I mentioned earlier: trying to park this thing by going backwards? It’s something else indeed!

If you’re after a real “coolness factor” and you don’t necessarily enjoy trucks then you might want to consider to save up for a facility and an avenger. I’ve seen some of those during a previous crew meet and I can tell you: Avengers have a lot of coolness around them 🙂

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