Brawlhalla – Gauntlet Combos / Strings

The experienced users of that weapon, katars, scyhte’s just makes me wants to jump out from a cliff. My main is Cross who is a Gauntlet / Blasters legend. I’ll be posting the true combos and strings that I use all the time.

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Brawlhalla Terminology

  • Neutral Light (or nLight for short).
  • Side Light (or sLight for short).
  • Down Light (or dLight for short).
  • Neutral Air (or nAir for short).
  • Side Air (or sAir for short).
  • Down Air (or dAir for short).
  • Recovery (or Rec for short).
  • Ground Pound (or GP for short).
  • Signature Attacks (or sigs for short).

All Combos

  • DLight < NLight (Easy to follow up, works on always every damages. True combo).
  • SAir < GC NLight (Can be followed up with combo mentioned above).
  • SAir < Rec (Only use this for K.O.)
  • NLight < SAir < GP (Can be used on orange damage but may require litte bit sniping at the end for K.O.)
  • SAir < NSig
  • SAir < NAir < NSig
  • DAir < NLight < SAir < NAir < GP or NSig
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