Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Saving Theresa (Hard Way)

A guide for saving Theresa during the Run! quest by engaging and disposing of all the Cumans on hardcore mode.


This is an alternative solution for the first part of the Run! quest on hardcore mode. Instead of distracting the attention of the Cumans to save Theresa, Henry can put Sir Radzig Kobyla’s sword to good use by actively engaging and disposing of all Cumans near the Mill.

How to Save Theresa

  • Henry is very weak and inexperienced in the beginning and taking on the Cumans heads-on will get him killed. To stand a chance he has to gain the upper hand by means of speed of maneuverability. The key is getting a horse and using the boom & zoom tactic.
  • Even if looks like there’s an unlimited number of Cumans only a dozen or so will be present and they will not respawn once you kill them.
  • There are some invisible walls during this quest and getting out of bounds will get Henry killed by a random Cuman arrow. To avoid this you should use the entire stretch of road between the Woodcutter’s Camp and the Mill.
  • After the Run! quest starts instead of going straight-on immediately go to the right and down the side of the hill. There’s a saddled horse near the Woodcutter’s Camp, steal it.
  • Once you have the horse gallop towards the Mill and engage a group of Cumans marching down the road. It takes a bit of practice to time your sword strikes correctly. It doesn’t matter if you miss as you’ll get plenty of other chances, whatever you do don’t stop galloping or get stuck.
  • Take on the three Cumans harassing Theresa but don’t try to kill them yet as they will try to catch you and run out of stamina quickly, making them easy stationary targets.
  • From here on it’s rinse and repeat: attack Cumans on the road while galloping and zig-zag afterwards to avoid the arrows. To regain stamina take cover behind the Mill’s barn near Theresa’s garden on the east side and at the Woodcutter’s Camp to the west.
  • In the beginning, when there’s a lot of them, the Cumans might block the road. In this case use the river’s embankment to go around them until they disperse. It’s sloped and provides good cover from arrows.
  • (optional) Once you take-down one of the three Cumans at Theresa’s house lead the others away then go back quickly and grab a full set of Cuman armor for better protection against arrows. Henry can easily become encumbered, make sure this doesn’t happen as speed and easy turning are vital.
  • (optional) Once you’ve cleared the map go to the window inside the Mill’s shed through which Theresa escapes for an additional spoken line.

Enjoy your hard-earned Cavalier achievement!

Written by Aergistal

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