Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Not-so-Christian Burial and Christian Burial Achievements Guide

How to Obtain Not-so-Christian Burial and Christian Burial Achievements


In the first part of The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon you are tasked with retrieving a certain heirloom that he managed to misplace. After you’ve found and returned the heirloom (and delivered a love letter through a dead drop to his new sparkling flame), Lord Capon sends Heinrich on another epic quest. This time, you have to bring your liege lord the Musk of Infinite Allure from a certain learned healer.

Accepting will start No Rest for the Wicked quest, in which you can earn three achievements. Two of these (Christian Burial and Not-so-Christian Burial) are mutually exclusive. So if you want to unlock both during a single playthrough you will have to make a hard save at the start of the quest. The Ledetchko Revenant is a tie-in achievement that can be completed with either of the other two.

As is usual for a walkthrough there be spoilers here.


Now depending on how far you progressed through the main game and the The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon DLC you will have to do some prerequisite work for these achievements. In order to commence in No Rest for the Wicked you need to have completed:

  • Game of Throws (the first part of the Honeyed Words quest voor Lord Capon).
  • Miracles While You Wait (the first part of the Charlatan questline).

If you haven’t yet completed a Game of Throws, I suggest you do so first. If you need help, with completing it you can look up a walkthrough on the net.

Miracles While You Wait

Now as to Miracles While You Wait, it’s perfectly fine if you did not finish this quest when starting the No Rest for the Wicked quest. In my first playthrough I skimped out on this quest, feeling the character of the Charlatan to be too dodgy for my good tastes. However, to get the achievements you will need to complete his quest, so go to Sasau and talk to him.

Turns out he’s fresh out of Musk of Infinite Allure but for a price (2000 gold) he can sell you the recipe. If you don’t have the gold or don’t want to spend so much, you can also become his apprentice and he’ll teach you the recipe for free. Sounds good right? Well, I suppose so, because in order to get the achievements you will need to take the apprentice route. Paying for the recipe will make it impossible to get the achievements.

Agree to become his apprentice, and he’ll have you fetch three items for him:

  • Procopius´s tooth (persuade the farmhand or get into a fight with him).
  • Branch from a topping out (shoot it down from the monastery with bow and arrow).
  • Lucky cat’s paw (play dice for the charm or use skulduggery to get it).

After returning the items, the Charlatan needs you to fetch one more item: the burial shroud of a recently deceased fellow. You can either sneak your way in and steal it, or use persuasion on his
superstitious son to gift you the shroud. Return the shroud to the Charlatan at his home and watch him leave in a hurry to…


…which is also the place where No Rest for the Wicked truly starts and where you can unlock the achievements.

No Rest for the Wicked

Find the Charlatan in Ledetchko and talk to him (you can find him right next to the entrance of the Ledetchko Tavern). He’ll tell you what an unfortunate turn of events his life took and how now in this godforsaken town. He has to struggle for survival. Turns out the denizens of Ledetchko aren’t as trustworthy of a travelling learned healer as your master.

Heinrich meets the Charlatan at his new shop in Ledetchko

Enter his trusted apprentice (you), who will help him get a footing in this town that is just waiting for interesting business propositions to happen. All you will have to do is persuade the townsfolk that they absolutely need the Charlatan’s goods or suffer eternal damnation and retribution in hell. So how about you dig up some poor sods earthly remains and make the people of Ledetchko think he has come back from the death to hound them? Oh, and no need to worry about your own soul, the Charlatan already checked: saying a Hail Mary is enough because he’s buried in unhallowed ground.

Head out of Ledetchko to the west shovel in hand to find the grave (yes you absolutely need a shovel in your inventory for this part). It isn’t very hard to find and located but a small stretch out of town. Either follow the road or go through the fields en you should see a small mount rising up besides the river. Go up there, and climb the highest plateau that seems to be overlooking the town and river. There you will find the unmarked grave. Dig it out and continue to remove all human body parts.

Location of the mount with the grave

The grave overlooking the town and river

‘Tis hard work being a learned healer’s apprentice

With the foul smelling deed done, return to the village. Now you need to find the local gossip. She walks around town (from the water place behind the mill to her house at the other end of the village) and shouldn’t be to much trouble to find. She wears a brown-grey gown and a white headscarf. Talk to her and as it turns out she’s more than willing to talk about the grave and it’s poor former occupant. Turns out he used to be a charcoal-burner who lived in the village. His life took a turn for the worse and he was banished, and when he died… well we know where he ended up right?

Ledetchko gossip

Now return to the Charlatan to give him an update, and you’re almost ready to get (Not-so-)Christian Burial.

Christian Burial / Not-so-Christian Burial

After giving the Charlatan an update, mention the remains to the Charlatan and he’ll offer to buy the bones of the revenant—probably already smelling profit in the air—however if you want the burial-achievements (and you do) make sure not to sell the charcoal-burner’s remains to him. Hint that you want to bury the remains instead. Seems like you got two options: either rebury his remains in holy ground (which means Rattay because Ledetchko doesn’t have its own parish) or talk to the gossip again to locate a suitable place to bury him.

Ledetchko gossip sitting in front of her house which is the last hovel when exiting Ledetchko towards the west

So it’s off to the gossip again. Find her (I found her sitting on a bench in front of her home) and ask her to tell the rest the man’s tragic story. Pass a persuasion check of 0 (either tell her it’s for your own sake or for her’s) and she’ll tell you all she knows. Turns out this poor soul’s name is Lev and he buried his wife and stillborn child in the fields near Ledetchko. Also marked the place with three wood carving’s. The gossip’ll also mention that Lev threatened to burn down anybody’s house who’d assault him. She also mentions that he went to Rattay for his foodstuffs, but no traders there seem to remember him.

Not-so-Christian Burial

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally reunite a loving husband with his wife and child in death? Well, if that’s your sentiment head out past the gossip’s house into the fields again. Continue your way towards the mount where you earlier digged up Lev’s remains, but now stick to the right of it. You should see the wooden totems a couple of yards next to it. Approach them and you should get a prompt to bury them. Do so and that’s it for the Not-so-Christian Burial achievement. Congrats!

Location of wife and kid’s grave red and Lev’s grave yellow

Location where you can bury Lev’s remains for the Not-so-Christian Burial

Christian Burial

For the Christian Burial achievement, follow the Charlatan’s suggestion and head to Rattay. We need to find a place in hallowed ground, which means a place within the churchyard. There’s only one church in Rattay with a churchyard so head to the St. Matthew’s Church in the Rattay market. Standing in the middle of the churchyard is a big stone pillar. Approach it and you get a prompt to bury poor hapless Lev… Do so and revel in the knowledge that he will forever be separated from his loving wife and child whom shan’t join him in heaven. Congrats for unlocking the Christian Burial achievement!

St. Matthew’s Church in Rattay, you can already see the stone pillar

Location where you can bury Lev’s remains for the Christian Burial

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