Rainbow Six Siege – Valkyrie Cams for Chalet Kitchen and Skyscraper Karaoke Bombsites

In this Guide I just wanted to Showcase my standard Valkyrie Setup on these Bombsites. I used to play the game on a competitive level when I worked out these Cams, so I know what im talking about. I use these Cams almost every time when I play Valkyrie on these Spots since Year 1 Season 4 and they still work pretty efficent in Ranked.

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Chalet – Kitchen / Trophy

Cam 1:

Quite simple, just throw the cam into the tree top, it doenst need to be exact. FOV of the Cam my vary, sometimes the cam bounces a bit.


I like to shoot a hole into the floor next to the Master Bedroom hatch and when someone wants to go onto the Balcony you can blow them up from Kitchen.

Cam 2:

Even more simple then Cam 1 because you just throw it against that pillar in Fireplace. The enemy only shoots the standard cam and then doesn’t look for more cams.

Cam 3:

Is a bit more complicated but not too bad.

Go into that Corner of the wooden pillar until you are stuck.

Then you line up your crosshair where the two line meet and throw.

Skyscraper – Karaoke / Tearoom

Cam 1:

Pretty much self explanatory, the cam often doesn’t get seen because of the light.

Cam 2:

You have to run out of the room and throw the cam onto the tower across, if you’re not fast enough you’ll get detected for a second and maybe this will alert the enemy to search for the cam. So be quick.

Cam 3:

You want to throw the Cam onto the Tower across the karaoke window. Pretty simple throw.

Written by CypheR

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