TEKKEN 7 – Josie Rizal

Useful T7 Info:

Josie Rizal

Difficulty – Medium

One of the new additions to T7 and Bruce’s replacement. Compared to Bruce, Josie is a bit more of a “stringy” character with lots of new canned string mixups to break the opponent down with. Her poking game is a bit unorthodox as she lacks a generic i13 df1 mid poke that most chars have, but she makes up for this in other ways. Upclose, Josie is strong at chipping the opponent down with her poke lows and strings. She can use feints in her strings and a manual backsway to psych the opponent out and mix her offense up. Josie has access to a command dash which gives her 2 extremely strong tools amongst others; a hard hitting low (CD3) and a strong mid whiff punisher (CD2). This gives Josie a powerful approach from range to start offense with CD3, or to bait out whiffs at range and whiff punish with CD2. With her feints/string pressure and her ranged pokes/whiff punishment, she can switch the pace from an offensive style to a defensive style in an instant. Something to note about Josie is her punishment, she has some of the best punishment tools in the game; especially an i13 launcher from crouching so she can punish poke lows harder than almost anyone else. She punishes mistakes hugely, on block and on whiff, making her defensive aspect very strong. While her neutral and block punishment damage is strong, she has relatively low damage output in infinite stages. Her tracking is pretty weak to her left (opponent’s SSR) but she has decent homing moves to shut this down.


  • Top 3 overall punishment.
  • Strong string oriented offense.
  • Strong CH game.
  • Strong whiff punishment.


  • Low damage output walless.
  • Weak tracking to her left (opponent’s SSR).

Recommended for players who li

  • Unorthodox poking game.
  • Huge damage through punishing opponent’s mistakes.
  • Versatile playstyle.

Written by Fergus!

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