TEKKEN 7 – Steve Fox

Useful T7 Info:

Steve Fox

Difficulty – Advanced

Steve is a unique character in tekken in that he lacks kicks for the most part, instead he uses sways for the designated kick buttons. While pretty much every character has some form of CH fishing game, Steve is notoriously designed around it. He has some of the best CH tools the game has to offer. He has an unorthodox way of opening his opponent up as rather than relying on mid/low mixups to get damage, Steve relies on using his powerful CH tools to score a big opening. He has a fast CH launching high in b1, a homing mid CH launcher in df2 and a ton of delayable strings to catch his opponents pressing buttons. He comes with a few stances that can flow into each other through transitions via string cancels, to keep his offense varied. Peekaboo, Flicker and Duck are his main stances to be utilized in his frame trap game. Steve’s ws1,2 as his i11 ws punisher is arguably one of the best for that category, making doing low pokes on a defensive Steve extremely risky. Just because his main gameplan is centered around CH fishing doesn’t mean that he is lacking in lows. Steve’s lows are good enough to chip away at your opponent and frustrate them into retaliating, playing into Steve’s game. Steve has a move in extended duck f2 that if blocked, gives him guaranteed hits on block forcing his opponent to challenge it and again, playing into Steve’s game. Steve doesn’t have many flaws other than his actual punishment. He lacks a i15 launcher from standing and crouching, making certain moves strong on him risk/reward wise. For whiff punishers, he has a good ranged one but it doesn’t do a lot of damage.


  • One of the best i11 ws punishers.
  • Amazing CH oriented game.
  • Strong wall carry and damage.


  • Lacks a i15 launcher.
  • Unrewarding whiff punishers.
  • Very poor ws punishment other than i11 ws.

Recommended for players who like:

  • CH oriented characters.
  • Good space control.

Written by Fergus!

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