TEKKEN 7 – Marshall Law

Useful T7 Info:

Marshall Law

Difficulty – Medium

Law is a very “in your face” poke centric character. He excels at rushdown upclose as his ranged game is quite weak. Law’s offense is based around using small poke strings to harass you and force you into making a mistake by pressing a button at the wrong time due to his plethora of CH launchers of all kinds. He has access to a stance called Dragon Sign Stance (DSS) which he can go into from certain moves to continue his pressure. He has tons of delayed strings and some of them even go into DSS to catch your opponent out and force a CH out of them. He is very good at keeping his opponent on their toes and respecting his offense, allowing him to continue. While his whole gameplan is focused on small damaging pokes and CH fishing, he does have some hard hitting lows in his slide and Dragon Tail albeit the latter being seeable. He has one of the highest wall damage outputs and average walless damage. As aforementioned, his ranged game is quite weak and he doesn’t have many tools to approach the opponent with so he likes to be constantly on the opponent. In previous tekkens, his whiff punishing was one of the least rewarding but now in Tekken 7, he gained access to a fast and ranged launcher as a whiff punisher which helped him out a lot.


  • Strong standing and crouching punishment.
  • Above average damage output walless and huge damage at wall.
  • One of the strongest whiff punishers in the game.


  • Doesn’t have good approaching tools.
  • Can be hard to make a comeback. 
  • Poor keepout tools.

Recommended for players who like:

  • CH orientated characters.
  • Rushdown playstyle.
  • Bruce Lee clones.

Written by Fergus!

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